Saturday, October 11, 2003

Phil Helmuth - Sam Grizzle

Wild nite. Saturday nights are *always* wild on Party Poker.

Up $142. 2.4.

I really feel like a loser commenting on the WSOP here in mid-October but what can I say? I don't have cable, damnit. Thank you EBAY!!

That being said, I am LOVING the ESPN WSOP 2003 coverage. I'm through Day Two now. The Sam Grizzle - Phil Helmuth table talking had me in stitches. Very fun stuff. I've always hated Phil Helmuth (Andy Glazer apologetics, notwithstanding) but a search on the RGP archives shows that Sam Grizzle is hands down the "Meanest Man in Poker."

Spit on a dealer, gets in fights, verbally abusing anyone and everyone. Apparently he can be very entertaining with his acerbic wit, however.

My fave line:

Hellmuth says after scooping a pot (something like): "That's what happens when you're a
hold-em champion."

Grizzle: "What if you're just a goofball who catches cards?"

Good one, Sam. For the record, Phil knocked Sam out a day later.

I've pulled out some of the gems from RGP on this topic and thought I'd share them with you. Even Doyle Brunson chimed in with a story or two (back when Texas Dolly still posted on RGP - pre GCA days):


I was playing in a $20-40 game with Sam a couple of years ago (at one of the dips of his perpetual roller coaster), when he bemoaned his fate, exclaiming "Here I am, 40 years old, and I'm playin' $20-40. Maybe if I'm lucky by the time I'm 80, I'll be playin' $40-80."

A few months back, Sam was being staked to play in a $300-600 game at the Bellagio, when he put a bad beat on another player. His opponent started to whine, and Sam cut him off, saying "Listen buddy, you play your money any way you want, and I'll play someone else's money any way I want."

I just want to comment on Grizzle. The guy is an A S S. I really don't
care what history is following these two, but when you sit at a table and manage to make Phil Hellmuth look like a patient old nun, you have fucked up somewhere along the way.

And this wonderful thread:

>In the previous message I also meant to write about why they didn't do a quick puff-piece type profile on Sam Grizzle?

My guess is that Sam Grizzle wasn't willing to invite them into his

Who really wants to see an angry old man sitting around his apartment eating Chef Boyardee out of a can?

And you know I'm pretty dead on.

"Who really wants to see an angry old man sitting around his apartment eating Chef Boyardee out of a can?"

Careful bucko. If you deleted "old" from your sentence and substituted "in his car" for "around his apartment", you would insult half of the professional poker players in Las Vegas.

Phil Helmuth > Sam Grizzle

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