Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Poker Rebound

The drugs are slowly taking hold (hellish dental appointment in an hour) so I thought I'd get last nights results in before I am a puddle of drool.

Recovered from the drunken lost weekend, winning $115 in 2.4, in roughly two hours of play. Table hopped alot whenever the game went short and threatened to break. I don't mind short-handed play but sometimes I prefer jumping around and building up my notes on players.

Felt good to recover the lost money. Felt good to have naive men "hit on me" because of my damn screen name. If I can hoodwink them into thinking I'm some silly girl - that equals postive expectation in my book. I'll wax poetic about this angle at a later date.

I had nearly forgotten what it was like to get big pairs and have them stand up to the onslaught of schooling fish. It feels like....winning poker.

Ahh, here's why Dann was irked about his move on the all-in play:
All three of us went all-in right after the flop. The eventual winner of the pot (who was also at the final table) had already made his straight, and I had a meager two pair.

K, I'm slowing down. More later.

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