Friday, October 10, 2003


Oh. My. Lord.
Site of the month.

Rush Limbaugh military fact.

VERY loose, aggressive tables on 2.4. Very different from last evening. Lost a massive pot with KK on the button - capped pre-flop, SEVEN freaking handed. A4o cracked me.

The crazy, loose play knocked me for a loop tonight. Punished.

Zigging when I should zag. Zagging when I should zig.


I had so many playable pre-flop hands, yet I feel like I misplayed every hand at the "strategic moment." I really played terrible, terrible poker.

Looking at my balance, I'm only down $61 after several hours of 2.4 and 3.6. That's amazing, considering all the horrific plays I made. Expected worse.

Poker = swings = variance. But that doesn't excuse the poor play.

Still, some bad mo-jo tonight.


I've never seen an episode of the World Poker Tour or the '03 WSOP. Until today, that is. I ordered a tape off EBay (entire WSOP) and my man delivered. Joy! Watched about an hour and a half when I got home from work and truly enjoyed it.

I wanna see a Phil Helmuth reality show.

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