Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yet another charity tourney (this Thursday) I'm happy to pimp.

I'm just gonna copy the email I received - cause I'm lazy.


Hi Iggy!

Long time reader first time trying to contact you. First off your blog was #1 as in it was the first blog I read when I started playing poker and it is still the first one I read in my daily morning read of blogs. I know there is talk of you moving on and although I would respect that decision I would be greatly upset. Formerly being a web developer I know how time consuming that must get and monotonous at times. I know you are on holidays right now but when you get back if I could ask for a plug on your site for a charity tourney I have setup to help a young friend with cancer who is in her early 20’s. Noble is donating the tournament fee as well as an extra $250 to help Leah which was very generous of them. I am also donating 500 dollars from my bankroll to help her out.

Site: Noble Poker www.noblepoker.com
Date: Thursday March 2nd, 2006
Time: 7:30pm ET
Password: charity

Coupon code to use when registering (if you need to register an account): help4leah

I have attached a story from her friend you can use on your blog if you wish. Again thanks for any plug or help for this good cause.

Chad Olynick

This tournament is being held to raise funds to help out my good friend Leah. On Tuesday February 7, 2006, Leah was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare form of bone cancer. Medically, Ewing’s Sarcoma is best summed up as a cancerous tumor that attaches itself to a bone and destroys it. As I could not find Canadian statistics on this I will use USA stats. In the USA, there are only 150 new cases reported in a year. Of those 150 cases, only 9% affect Leah’s age group of 20 to 30 which is the oldest age group affected. Treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma includes chemo, radiation and surgery to remove the tumor. On a more devastating note, this form of cancer can result in amputation of limbs or even death.

Leah is a vibrant, confident, caring, beautiful woman who would do anything for anyone of her friends. She is the exact type of person who does not deserve to be going through this. Leah lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and because of this, she needs to travel to Calgary, Alberta for treatment. Her boyfriend Barry will be going with her standing beside her through every thing. The costs of both of them being away from work and living in hotels in a completely different province will be substantial at best.

I couldn’t think of two more deserving and devoted friends who need our help. I want to personally thank you for joining this fundraising tournament to help my friend Leah through this difficult time. She really needs to focus on getting healthy and should not have to worry about the financial burden this will cause.

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