Monday, March 06, 2006

Quick blog here before I contemplate a good old-fashioned uber poker post.

I wish I could formally announce this tonight but it will likely have to wait a day or two.

I've been trying like crazy to organize a weekly WPBT satellite tournament to the WSOP, similar to what we did last year. I would truly like to send a ton of poker bloggers to a $1500 WSOP event. Hell, I'd like to send some to the Championship event but the logistics seem like a pain in the ass.

So for now, we're gonna take aim at a $1500 event. Hell, whoever wins can play any $1500 WSOP event that he or she wishes. We can send a bundle of us there if enough people want to play.

I would prefer to have run these on PokerStars but I'm tired of waiting on them. It's been six weeks now and I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Plus, this way, Otis can play.

And hell, in a first, Party Poker beat them to the punch this year in running WSOP qualifiers. Should be a battle to see which site sends more online qualifiers this year.

Anyway, here's the way things are shaping up. I'm going to start off with one of the oldest and largest online poker rooms, one that everyone knows.

I've cajoled and groveled for us to get a better-than-usual structure.
2500 in starting chips and 20 minute blinds. Not too shabby.

It will likely be a $30 entry fee so we'll need 50 bloggers to play for a WSOP seat. Any remaining prize balance will be awarded to the bubblers.

Can we get 50 poker bloggers to play? I'd sure as hell like to think so, damnit. We did it easily last year, after all.

A couple bloggers who I bounced ideas off told me that the tourney should be password protected and an email being required to get it. I'm down with that, after all, that's the point of doing this - sending some of our own into the big dance, new blogger, old blogger, doesn't matter. Let's just get some bloggers in there in our name, damnit.

And so I'm hoping to announce the official poker blogger WSOP satellites any time now. It's looking like a weekly event, on Sunday evenings. Weee!

I hope we get enough players to get a headstart on this.
Sure as hell would be fun to pull this off.

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