Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fishing is Like Poker in oh so many ways 

I'm back.

One quick anecdote from my trip. As I previously mentioned, my young fishing nut nephew got to come on up to the Great North Woods for some real fishing as a birthday present before he begins the 8th grade in a few short weeks.

I took him out early his first morning and settled in close to one of my favorite fishing spots.

As I fired up the depth finder, I immediately became very excited as I started marking many massive fish right underneath us. A cloud of baitfish appeared with two giant fish icons underneath it, showing them preparing to feed.

Oh Lord, how I pontificated on how smart I was. What a great instinctive fisherman I must be to start us off with this most holy of fishing spots.

I just couldn't believe all the damned giant fish. I must have gone on and on for nearly five minutes before I realized something.

The depth finder was in simulation mode.

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