Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poker Blogs Rule 

Just a quick update as with the weather change I just got nailed by a nasty cold.

Plus I hate to waste an uber post on a Friday/weekend so I'll be cranking one out on Sunday night, just like old times.

But I did wanna mention one thing in passing about the new SNG format on Full Tilt called the Matrix. Weird twist that I plan on trying ASAP.

From the site:


Matrix tournaments are unlike any tournament you’ve ever played before. When you enter a Matrix tournament you’ll sit down to four Sit & Gos simultaneously—against the exact same players at each table.

On top of competing for victory at each table, you’ll be rewarded for overall performance in the tournament as a whole in the form of Matrix points. You’ll score points for every player that you knockout and for every player that you outlast on each table. Most importantly, when the last table is finished, the players who’ve earned the highest Matrix scores will be paid out for their overall performance.


Again, an interesting twist and one I'm looking forward to playing.

Damn, I've a ton of great photos to post for you too. Again, I wish I could pound this out tonight but these damn ubers take forever to write.

Stay tuned.

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