Tuesday, September 30, 2003

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Well, well, well. Figured I might as well start trying to document some of my experiences with God's nectar, Guinness, and the online Phenomena of Poker. I've been playing poker online for about six years. Drinking seriously for about twenty.

I'm trying to discern more about standard deviation.

Case in point--there's a guy who came up with a method of measuring "luck"--basically you count pots with one stack and blinds paid with another stack (subtly, of course). The optimum ratio is different for everyone--mine is 0.8 pots per blind paid--at this ratio, if the game is good, I can make a decent profit. You can also use this to measure the game--if you are up at, say, 1.1 and still stuck, the game is bad and you should leave. Whereas if you're ahead but only at 0.7, the game is great, and you should stay because your luck should improve.

Does that make sense to you? I tend to look at numbers through Poker Tracker - I have hard cold numbers in front of me and I can't make excuses - the results are right there in black and white, no fudging allowed. I know the above guy wasn't talking about standard deviation but it's still good brain food. Just not sure if I should swallow it.

I've never played Strip Poker in my life.

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