Thursday, October 23, 2003

Chris Moneymaker = Online Savant?

Helped an online poker pro acquaintance with PokerTracker today.

I felt like I was in NeverNeverLand for two hours. Surreal.

More on this later when I'm (hopefully) sober.

A message board snippet to the online naysayers who say online poker is rigged and that anyone who says they win is a shill:

I find it amusing when people imply that anyone who claims to have
made a nice chunk online must be lying (one word there: projection).
It's really not rocket science, people. You don't have to be
world-class to do it. You just have to be better than most you play
against, and that's not hard to do. There are a stunning number of
really bad players in the online poker world. With patience and good
decision-making, a lot of their money will find its way to you. It's a
different game than B&M. There are more weak players. That can lead to
some bad beats, but in the long run, you WANT those fish chasing after
everything. The percentages work in your favor.


To any of you that actually play online - the next time you suffer the indignation of a two outter on the river hitting you, just copy and paste this next line:


Laugh and tag the fish. Stick him on your buddy list. Follow him around. You will eventually get his stack.

Started three tables on Ultimate Bet tonight - that means double Ultimate Points. I played superior short-handed poker but slowly lost playing on the eventual full tables. I need to bone up on games with a Kill, because that's all I've been playing.

Another 250 hands. Ended up even after being way up. Played way too many speculative hands.

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