Sunday, October 12, 2003

If you listen hard, you can hear the pompous, booming voice of Rush:

Look, the Clinton liberals and feminazis won’t tell you, but here’s the problem with this big talk-show host who turns out to be a prescription-drug junkie. You have a guy who finally stops spinning and fesses up for his actions. Fine. He says he won’t play the victim. Good. He’s off to rehab. God bless. But what he and his apologists want you to forget is that he broke the law—yes, the L-A-W. Some of us around here still have respect for it.

FOLKS, THIS GUY didn’t just use drugs, he put another person in harm’s way to feed his own habit. He repeatedly sent his maid out into a parking lot to score for him. Thousands of pills. Talk about cowardly. The housekeeper was being set up by her big celebrity boss to take the fall if they got busted. Now, that’s the problem with these famous people who develop the wrong ’60s values. The little person—the kind of average American who listens to this program—takes the risks, while the celebrity gets the slobbering praise for overcoming his “problems.” That’s the world these liberals have brought you. Unforgivable.


I swear to the Poker Gods, this is my last Rush post. This story nearly makes me feel sorry for the poor fellow.

I really couldn't give two shits about Mister Limbaugh but so many people follow him blindly that I can't resist taking shots. To his fans, please accept my humble apologies.

This blog shall go back to it's stated purpose: a Poker Blog.

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