Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Online Poker

Weeee. Played 1.2 for nearly two hours last evening on Party Poker. Was up about $50 or $60 early but slowly gave it back. There isn't much you can do in no-fold em....if you don't hit any flops, you're resigned to cutting your losses. I'm not a chaser and I know better than to attempt any bluffs or muscling at these limits so I just take the swings as they come.

I've got 350 outta 500 hands played for my bonus and I'm still up $60. Tack on the hundred and I'll be very pleased with my initial foray into Empire (skin of Party Poker).

Here's an interesting snippet I pulled off the RGP newsgroup. Written by Gary Carson:


If your win rate is $1 per hour and you played 5 hours and lost $2 in the first
two hours then your expected win for the session is $1, not $5.

You can expect to earn your average in the future, but once you've lost money
then you've lost money, it isn't made up in future sessions.

You do not earn your historical average rate for every hour you play in the
future. That's a good estimate for what you will end up with, but it's not an
hourly earn.

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