Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Party Poker and Russ Georgiev Need Poker Blogs

Only played for about thirty minutes last nite. Lost a whopping ten bucks. I'm only a couple hundred away from another grand cashout so I really need to focus. I'll probably update PokerTracker tonight.

Russ Georgiev update: Russ has announced his new site will be up tomorrow.

GCA is proud to announce the grand opening of our new website, "Poker Mafia."
We will start tomorrow and you will find out how to join when you go to the
site. We will roast cheaters and scammers. All high limit poker is being
scammed and we will provide proof, not hearsay.
Poker Mafia consists of Russ Georgiev, John Martino, William [Ramashiva]
Coleman and Bill Nirdlinger who has recanted his recant of his recant. You will
recognize Ramashiva's brilliant writing style, [yes, he has been writing my
posts], you will get the benefit of my 40 years of being the best cheater and
also being the best player in the world. I have paid Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson,
Johnny Chan and any other player you can name to play me and they all quit me,
like the cowards they are. John Martino will tell you the best way to becoming
an informer and Billy The Kid will tell you how to cold deck your friends.
Come to our site and enjoy. I won't be posting on rec gambling anymore. See you
there Wino.
Russ Georgiev

WTF? William [Ramashiva] Coleman? Good God, talk about the King of the Net Kooks.

I also LOVE this line:

Bill Nirdlinger who has recanted his recant of his recant.

I'm quite sure Russ meant this in all seriousness. Sigh. Search the RGP archives if you've missed this long drawn out ordeal. Russ has driven every single "name" out of RGP - it's a shame.

But it doesn't matter what I think, anyway. Of course, I'm interested in what he has to say on certain topics, but he's been made to be a liar and fool many, many times over. Don't get me wrong, I understand that he knows poker. I think his ideas are all solid - his verbal/written skills are just atrocious, however.

He claims he's making $25,000 a month playing poker online.

I hope he is serious about posting videos of himself playing four unique players simultaneously online.

Mr Decker, nope I never did take Russ up on his offer to play in SNG's. I seriously thought about it and am glad I didn't. I didn't want to be forced to post my username and hand histories and therefore be associated with the cheat. Plus, if you check out the tourneys that were posted, Russ doesn't have any great tournament strategy. He simply gets very aggressive when it gets 5 handed.

I think the reason he is hated is because of #1 The unfounded cheating accusations he has leveled at certain (most) professional players #2 He single-handedly buried the newsgroup with repetitive posts that contained very little value. The latter cinching the deal for most folks.

I must respectfully disagree about his "theory" posts being priceless. I've found them utterly laughable, with the exception of his Stud 8 post, which was geared for a Stud 8 newbie, like myself. His "Theory of Seven" post, which he claims is beyond most poker players comprehension, is ridiculous.

He is quite the character. I just hated the fact that he kept flooding the group with old posts and I was overjoyed when the impostors went after him. Talk about karma.

My favorite GCA imposter post was titled, "Talapia, the forgotten fish." That guy captured the very essence of Russ Georgiev.

A snippet:

Russ' posts of lies and inaccuracies are done to serve his own purposes... Extortion didn't work, so he tried consulting, when that didn't work he tried the media, when that didn't work he tried his expert witness (LOL) shtick, and now he's banking on a book and website. In every one of these things he has hurt honest players by creating white elephants and distractions from the serious issues at hand.

Russ Georgiev continues to do what he has always done, take advantage of gullible people. He waves his arms and says there is cheating in poker. Anyone who isn't a complete fool knows that. The real issues are: how much cheating; what KIND of cheating; what can we do to limit it.

Enough on GCA. I simply hope his site goes up and has something worth a damn on it, especially regarding online cheating. God knows it's going on.

While I'm bitching - does anyone else think the TwoPlusTwo software is a POS? For the love of God, does Mat Sklansky have a clue about technology? Is this a terrible case of nepotism?

Last snippet from Pokerworks.com:

I failed to mention that A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez has been in playing lately. Last Friday night, I dealt table 19, and he got a seat at that table just after I left...$15-$30 Holdem. All the noise around the room is that he's a 'great guy'.

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