Thursday, October 30, 2003

Phil Ivey and Phil Helmuth Poker Blogs

Not exactly the way I wanted to return to Party Poker. It's almost as if there was a wrinkle in the space|time continuum. Lost 40 BB. Ouch! No lengthy explanation necessary, but I did have five sets crash and burn. One of my worse nights ever.

Despite my poor showing, two of my poker students (and good friends) are currently excelling, which in a way, more than makes up for the rough night. Fuzz has taken his initial $100 buyin on Party Poker up to $750, all from low-limit play. Winning $650 on the 50.1 tables over a few months is no easy task.

Relating to my post about Phil Helmuth and his latest column in Cardplayer, Daniel Negreanu had this to say:

It's that same stubborn attitude that impedes Phil from ever being a successful cash game player. He allows ego, stubbornish, and flat out tilt to get in the way of him
learning the other games. He sees someone makes a play he doesn't agree
with, and automatically, "They play so bad."

Now conversely watch a guy like Phil Ivey play. Always learning, always
humble, and always respectful of his opponents. When Phil said on live
TV, "I have a lot to learn" he meant it. This is what allows Phil Ivey to
grow as a player, and what holds Phil Helmuth back from ever really learning how to play properly.

Phil Ivey believes he has a lot to learn, while Phil Hellmuth believes
he can only teach! The amazing thing is, at 26 Phil Ivey is twice the
player Phil Hellmuth ever was, or could ever be for that matter.

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