Thursday, October 30, 2003

Poker Blogs about Party Poker Bots: Playing strip poker with David Sklansky

I love Tilapia. I recommend trying it with a nice scampi/alfredo sauce.
It's a David Sklansky favorite, but he may deny it.

Sometimes I struggle with the grinding aspect of limit poker from a diminishing returns perspective. It takes so much damn time (Mike Caro: the more you play, the more you win!) that I often feel my time is better spent focusing on SNG's (single table tourneys, for the uninitiated) and/or some big payout multi-table tournaments. My bankroll is more than sufficient to bang away at these and I've enjoyed success in the past - what's stopping me?

Perhaps it's a case of laziness. Beating the low limits at Party Poker is literally shooting fish in a barrel. My game has likely suffered these last six months without the challenges you face in higher limit and tourney play. Stasis = death in poker.

Poker is very rewarding as a hobby. Compared to golf, (have you ever paid the greens fees in Las Vegas?) it's a grand slam. I feel very fortunate that my hobby brings money in, rather than costing me. How many people can say that? God Bless Party Poker.

But it's not easy. And what to do with your precious bankroll is likely the most important decision a poker player (even a poker-hobbyist) will ever make.

But hitting the big payoff is every poker players dream. The reality of grinding is quite a different scenario. Why not take a shot at a life-altering payday?

Any ideas, tips or insight is deeply appreciated.

Thought for the day: Would you give your credit card number to the poker cheat, Russ Georgiev?

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