Friday, October 03, 2003

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Allrighty, hit the bonus so after three days of play, I ended up + $138. Not too shabby for sitting and folding for a few hours.

I wish I had access to my hand histories right now. Funny hand last nite: I had j7d on the BB. Flop comes with 8d and 9d. Flop and turn are capped but I chase and hit the straight flush on the river. Oh the humanity.

I 3 bet him on the river, typing in "I have Jd" so he caps me. He shows his A2d and I scoop a nice pot. "You forgot to mention that 7d," someone said amidst all the damn "nh's".

Once in a lifetime.

Was able to combine my Party and Empire notes. That's HUGE!!!! I'm ready to start tackling the bigger limits with a gusto.

Weekend plans: Buddy from Madison, Wisc. is coming down this weekend to hang out. He's having a kid in a month or two so this is an opportunity for him to get out and have a little fun before the kid ruins his life. Anyway, there is a large (125 person) no-limit tourney this Saturday evening in Lexington. We shall be traveling down with Dann, I think. All three of us are experienced online no-limit players so it will be interesting to see who lasts longest.

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