Thursday, October 16, 2003

Poker Blogs

Ok, this isn't a link to a poker blog. Just this guy who lives in Iraq and has been blogging about the war there. Fascinating read, highly recommended if you have the time.


This is crazy. Decided to take the road less traveled and play a $20 No Limit multi table tournament on Party Poker. 591 players. I decide to play a much more aggressive style (Phil Ivey wanna be!) and get up to t1600 (start with 1000 in chips) before getting TT rivered by a flush. Down to 950 when Party Poker LOCKS UP in epic style. The site has been down for over an hour now.

I'm looking forward to reading the explanation. I am picturing an Indian guy searching for an extension cord...

Won $35 in 1.2 despite Party Poker.

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