Monday, October 13, 2003

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I noticed back in June that I wasn't doing much check-raising, overall.

To clarify: limit play.

Check raising has a two-fold effect. It "trains" people on your left to respect your checks if you have shown down winners after doing so. This is a good thing. It also instills a sense of "is he making a play" upon the better players (rare at Party Poker).

How you then play that scenario is entirely up to you. ;)

Playing six or seven handed on a flop changes things. If there was ONE thing I could know about my opponent, it would be: should I respect his raise?

Amongst the white-hot noise of schooling fish at Party Poker, it's very important to be able to discern if a player is a "pot building" raiser or a legit solid player. Good players will be both at different times. But there are so many more damn pot builders out there than legit players. I mean, it's one thing to ram and jam. It's quite another to play like the maniacs on Party Poker.

But it's also very important to realize the table texture. I need to put more emphasis on table selection - with 18,000 players online there is no excuse for me (or anyone) to not be playing at a juicy table.

I saw an attorney regarding my liability in running a bigass no-limit poker tournament here in town. I'm not looking to make any money (I'll lose money) but am thinking about the popularity of poker and how I can help spread it.

another lawyer said:

look, i speed everyday
i drive 5-10 mph over the speed limit and break the law
but if i drive 30 mph over
i'll get busted

Not a bad way to put it. I could make a damn good poker haiku out of that.

Abdul Jalib nugget for you card players out there:

Suppose I know that the players in the blinds are so tight that I can open-raise with any two cards on the button and make a profit. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if I open-raise every single time I'm opening on the button and this comes up quite a bit, then these players are going to adapt. They are playing far too tight, so the optimal exploitation is to play extremely loose, but by doing so, you'll push them from being far too tight. You may in fact push them into the middle to play correctly, at which point if you're still playing extremely loose, it is you who will be the fish, not they.

Exploit them a conservative amount, and you'll be able to milk them forever.

Up $40 playing 50.1. Shoot me, I've been on the phone.

I've been check-raising a lot. :D

Link of the day. An oldie but goodie.

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