Friday, October 17, 2003

Rules of Poker

Amazing but True Story:
Many years ago, after living in Las Vegas for a few years and returning to the Midwest, my friends and I decided to start a home poker game as a way to stay in touch. Many of us had returned from debauchery out West, and now that we were married, Poker Night seemed a respectable way to get out of the house once a month. For our inaugural game, we borrowed chairs and used Scott's kitchen table as our poker table.

We played dealers choice - with standard poker rules, using the cheezy red, white and blue plastic poker chips. We were playing Pass the Bitch, night baseball and every sort of wacky wildcard poker game, but the INSANE thing is, we were having massive pots and showdowns EVERY hand. There was cursing and screams of joy with every showdown and it was seemingly a monster hand after monster hand.

Finally, Rick and I showed down an identical full house in stunned silence with yet another pot overflowing with chips on the line... We suddenly realized the error of our ways. Rick says, "Wait a fucking minute..."

We were playing poker with a pinochle deck.

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