Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Russ Georgiev

I admit it. I asked Russ Georgiev of GCA Poker Cheaters infamy to send me a t-shirt. Hopefully, my readership will not hold it against me.

Rooting on the Marlins, of course.

PartyPoker.com finally hit 20,000 total users a few nights ago. Brian and I have been watching and wondering when they'd hit this high water mark. That's from 2,000 online poker players before the World Poker Tour and the Moneymaker 2003 WSOP victory. Truly amazing.

Here is a wonderful response to yet *another* one of those whiny ass players who complain about beating casino poker their entire life, yet always losing online. (Probably the same guys in a casino who proudly tell you they've never had to read a poker book in their life - they don't need to)
Why do they lose? Because the site is rigged:

I don't know if you are a good player or a bad player as I have never seen you play a hand of poker. I will not pass judgment on your skills.

After reading your post, it sounds like you have a bit of a victim complex. What I mean by this is you looked for and found real or imagined reasons as to why you failed. These reasons that you found are all out of your control. This is something that people often do to help them cope with failure. It is also something that also keeps those people from attaining success.

If you are indeed a strong poker player, the solution to your problem is simple. You have to shake off this victim complex. If you continue to play as a victim, your just throwing your money away.

Yup, that's a nice way to put it. I prolly wouldn't have been so tactful. :)

More poker thoughts and daily poker links:

From Roy Cooke. Note to self: ponder this:

I have written several times that most top professional players will make the same play or fold decisions about 95 percent of the time before the flop in limit hold’em, and that real poker decision-making applies principally on the later streets.

Also, Lou Kreiger says you suck at poker.

Online poker confession: I often read about successful players (seems like the majority of them) who play multiple tables at a time. I can't do it. So I don't.

I can't play NL and limit at the same time, either. I mean, I *can* but I won't play *both* well simultaneously. I know guys who can. I'm not one of them.

Even the online pros will admit that their single table earn rates go down by playing 3 at a time, but that the overall +EV makes it worth their while.

But this damn Ultimate Bet bonus system (Ultimate Points = 10 Ultimate points equals $1 in deposit bonus) pretty much forces you to play more than one table if you wanna do anything besides tread water at the low limits. I had to play shorthanded for quite awhile. I'd bitch if I didn't win tonite.

UB rules. :D

+ $80 but still playing. Sadly, what goes up must come down.

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RIP, Elliot:

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