Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Russ Georgiev - Poker Cheat
God protects Fools and Drunks.

Well, well, well. I received my Poker Mafia t-shirt today from Russ Georgiev. By airmail, nonetheless. Have I previously mentioned that I've chatted with him on the phone once or twice? He was quite affable - you would never, ever guess that he is deeply and profoundly insane.

I imagine his website is getting close to launching. The noise factor on RGP is growing exponentially. Russ has began talking to himself in threads, with multiple identities. It's hilarious.

Ah, the madness of RGP.

Finally back on Party Poker tonight. Technically, Empire, that is.

I was pondering about the best way to explain the speed differential of Ultimate Bet and Party. Here it is: while playing two tables on Party Poker, it's quite easy to time things so I can run down the hall and take a whiz. Same situation on Ultimate Bet? No way, buster. You gotta sit out or incur the wrath of your tablemates by timing out.

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