Monday, October 20, 2003

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I wish I had named this blog the above. I'd get a lot more hits.

Caro's Law of Least Tilt:
Among similarly skilled opponents, the player with the most discipline is the favorite. My addendum: Over the long-term.

With online poker, you can sometimes tell a lot about a player by the way he plays when he first sits down.

But when players first sit down in a live game, they are exactly even. And they are telling themselves something like - "Well hell, I've played bad poker in the past but today that's gonna change. Today I'm gonna play every hand like it matters - my A game." So consequently, these players are easier to bluff early in a session but also, you must pass medium-strong hands when they bet into you, because they are less likely to be bluffing.

But ONLINE poker is a very different animal. We all know that. How many times have we watched in awe as a new player immediately starts the Maniac routine from hand one? And the best thing about this (from a disciplined player point of view) is that very often other players at the table follow suit.

It's much easier to play poorly online. There is zero embarrassment.

Most hand/poker problems start from the very beginning. Playing them in the first place. And loose games perpetuate this.

These loose crazy games still confound me, despite being my favorite type of game to play in. Throw Sklansky out the window - he is irrelevant.

True or false: In hold em, if the game is very loose, it's usually profitable to play a pair of threes from an early position.


I really wanna get away from a low-limit online poker blog and move into no-limit, but low limit is just too damn easy. Why fix it if it ain't broke?

NL > limit

Online poker update: I deposited the maximum into Ultimate Bet tonite. Initial impressions: VERY FAST games. 60-70 hands per hour. Very refreshing. I have some serious issues with the interface but hey, at least the site stays up.

An action site, fer sure, with the way the UB points are structured. You get double points for starting a game, which I immediately did. Battled my ass off in shorthanded play for about 35 minutes before we filled up.

They have games with a kill, for Gods sakes.

Played about 250 hands of 1.2 and won $45. Played too loose pre flop, but my drawing hands connected here and there and ended up ahead. Players aren't overall as loose as Party (how could they be?) but still plenty of weak calling stations. It's gonna take much longer to get my deposit bonus here than anywhere else.

I really hate the fact that I can't use PokerTracker at UB. To boot, their notes feature sucks.

K, I've rambled long enough. More tomorrow.

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