Wednesday, October 22, 2003


This is what my dentist fed me, in addition to about 60 hypodermics today.

Working beats a trip to the dentist, anyday.

On the poker front, Ultimate Bet was rough tonight. I started two tables, played for two hours and the best way I can phrase it is: A swift kick in the nuts. A late run on my 1.2 table with a kill netted me - $9 on the nite. That's hard to beleive after all the angst I suffered - it's been a long time since I've been berated by another player at the tables. Considering I don't play that way, I almost NEVER, ever catch runner runner to beat someone. It was nice to have the shoe on the other foot for once and to get chastised for it. :)

I accepted a long time ago that *I* am the one who will suffer beats. It's the nature of the beast as a tight player.

One-third to my bonus on UB. Screw them and their "UB Points." Get me outta here and back to Party! I mean, the variance is higher at Party but UB is mostly tighter players - lotsa river calling stations. Lots of heads up or three handed on the flop. It's even more of a grind than usual. At least on Party there are pot building maniacs, if you can locate them. I miss those guys right now.

I sweated my man Royal in Omaha hi.lo in a multi limit tourney on PokerStars. This is his second final table finish in three days. I hope in some small way I motivated him to play this game because now he can teach me (write a post!). I think there are some intrinsic qualities than make a very good nl he player a solid o8 player right off the bat.

Figuring out outs quickly at the flop in a hi.lo game is a distinct advantage. I am still counting my fingers and toes in Omaha.

My humble apologies for the disjointed thoughts tonite. I'll get strictly back on poker tomorrow.

Triazolam + Guinness > Me

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