Thursday, November 20, 2003

"Here is the terrible truth: I got more pure happiness winning 20 grand at the casino craps table than I did from a check many times that amount as the result of honest hard work on my book."
Mario Puzo, author of the Godfather

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to come and read this poker blog. That makes it worthwhile to come on here and ramble every night. Also, it's too freaking cool to see someone take my humble advice, jump on Party Poker and win immediately. That's the best. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me.

I'll say it one last time: if you are playing on any site besides Party Poker, you are doing a disservice to your bankroll. BTW, I forgot to mention you get a $100 signup bonus by using the signup code IGGY and/or download the software with the link on the right. Or download it on your own. Seriously, Party Poker has 22,000 players tonight - how money does your site have? And thank God, Party doesn't show the "players seeing flop" percentage like every other damn site out there. Showing a stat like that, drawing attention to those things, is BAD for tight players. Is it any surprise that Party has the loosest games? Grab PokerTracker. Tag the fish. You won't be sorry.

Epic Poker Announcement: NBC will be showing the World Poker Tour on Superbowl Sunday. Just when you thought poker's popularity may be ebbing...wow, superlatives are failing me for once. It's now the golden age of poker. Obviously, poker's 15 minutes of fame has been grossly underestimated. Thank you, BB, for teaching me about hold em many years ago.

LOS ANGELES - NBC is teaming up with WORLD POKER TOUR and Travel Channel to bring the smash hit cable series to network television on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2004, from 4-6 p.m. (ET). On a day when television viewing is 15 to 20 percent higher than typical Sunday afternoons and when many people are flipping channels, looking for an alternative to pre-game Super Bowl programming, NBC will broadcast a new event: THE TRAVEL CHANNEL WORLD POKER TOUR BATTLE OF CHAMPIONS, where the ultimate poker champion will be crowned.

"With the World Poker Tour becoming one of the fastest growing and most talked about new properties on television, we are looking to create a showcase event," said Jon Miller, Sr. VP, Programming, NBC Sports. "Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect day to present the World Poker Tour to a network audience for the first time. There are enormous numbers of people at home and at parties looking for something entertaining to watch before the Super Bowl."

The champions from the 13 tournaments on the World Poker Tour's historic first season have been invited to square off at the incomparable Bellagio, Las Vegas. For the first time, champions from the classiest high-stakes poker tournaments across the country and around the world will meet head to head, card to card, chip to chip at the World Poker Tour final
table--and only one will be crowned the ultimate poker champion, walking
away with a six figure cash prize, plus a $25,000 seat in the next World Poker Tour Championship, a tournament with a prize pool worth millions.

The World Poker Tour has transformed poker into a televised mainstream sports sensation, creating record-setting ratings and capturing millions of new fans for America's favorite card game. The blockbuster series has riveted the nation's TV viewers thanks to its hallmarks--a blend of high caliber sports-style production shot from 13 different camera angles, expert commentary, cliffhanging 'reality TV' drama and the WPT's signature "ace in the hole" -- its revolutionary WPT Cams, that reveal the player's hidden cards. For the first time on network television, viewers will see those cards, making it possible for the audiences to feel like they're sitting in the seat making million dollar decisions on each hand.

Positively brilliant. You've got a massive captive audience ready to watch television, and you present them with superior content to the banal pre-game chatter with Katie Couric. It's a no-brainer. NBC's worst day is superior to the Travel Channel's best.

Kudos to NBC.
I wonder if this could lead to something bigger & better - God knows television is a vapid wasteland and they are desperate for new ideas. I can't even bear to think about the possibilities.

Found an entertaining review of the World Poker Tour DVD. I've still never seen an episode, damnit.

Enjoyed a 50 BB win last nite. $200 ain't a bad night if you're sitting 2.4. Hell, that's one or two weeks worth of typical grinding right there in 2.5 hours. I may play a little bit later but am packing for vacation. Sadly, I'll be gone until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Please come back. :)

Link o' the day:
Dial 999 for Any Reason
Not only does this collection of inappropriate emergency calls serve as a public service, it proves that no people deliver subtle verbal sneers better than the British.

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