Sunday, November 09, 2003

Home poker game

Only a few of the guys in my home game read this blog so I could insult with impunity. :) But nope, I love my home game group - we've been playing for, hell, almost six years now? Our hosts, (FilmGeek and Meaux!) are incredibly gracious to let us play in their abode. Read my prior post to discover how far we have come.

Our home game is only a 1.2 game, full of booze, good music and lotsa laughter. We've got our gamblers, our sheriffs, and our weak-tights.

I did my typical lose early, win late routine and ended up the big winner +$90. It's bizarre but it happens all the time. I was prolly down $30 until drunkboy kicked in (I'll typically start playing "raise or fold" with only one eye open) and I managed to catch some cards. I think we played till 2.30 am. Good fun.

A huge thank you to Alan Bostick on his no-limit tournament poker book tip. My main book influence for nl tourneys has been TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy's book, Championship Pot-Limit and No-Limit HoldEm. Also, Reuben and Ciaffone, Pot limit and No limit Poker was very valuable.

Zero online action today. Recovering from last nite. Thanks to whoever told me that the vicious circle of Party/Empire bonus deposits is true. This is wonderful news. I'll be heading back to Empire this week!

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