Sunday, November 02, 2003

David Sklansky > Mason Malmuth
Theory of Poker is still the Torah

OK, so folding kings pre-flop is rarely correct in no-limit poker. Did I really need to reassure myself of that fact? After yesterday, yes. Thanks to all who provided feedback.

I really enjoy tournament play. It's fun to play poker under the pressure and immediacy instead of my normal reality of "life is one long ring game." Note to self: play more tourneys.

A big thank you to veteran blogger Love and Casino War (pursuing the arrest of vince van patten since 1976) for the links to our humble poker blogs. Top notch site. Check out his superb post on bad beats.

Hrm, anyone out there trying the OIC thingy from Two+Two? This is just me, but wouldn't this experiment be much easier on Party? Am I missing something obvious? Is it because it's free poker?

I hope Mister Decker doesn't mind, but I wanted to quote his poker blog about my online poker pet peeve: berating poor/loose players. He wrote about it better than I could, so here it is:

After a little while, some asshole at the table started harassing my buddies! Seriously, if someone is playing awful, what would possess you to try and make them play better, or worse yet leave the table??? I will never understand the logic.

Preach on, brother! I've become adept (it's Pavlovian at this point) at immediately attacking the "educating" player. It's pretty easy to draw the wrath of a guy like this since he's obviously pissed off and ready to chat about it. I prefer deflecting the attack upon myself. I'm just amazed that anyone knowledgable would attack the fish. Damnit, let the gamblers gamble in peace!


Didn't play today. Too pretty outside. Now that it's late and the wife went out with the dogs to feed the horses, I shall jump on.

Last snippet is a repost. Just posting it for my benefit before tackling some higher limits on Party Poker.

So I have a protuberant piece of paper hanging above my monitor that provides three little rules for online poker play.

1) Other players bad play will make me far more money than my fancy or brilliant plays.
2) The guy that leads with a bet on the turn after not betting out previously, has a big hand.
3) Folding costs me nothing pre-flop. If it's a close decision, I can't go far wrong by folding.

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