Friday, November 07, 2003

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Poker link of the Day: A behind the scenes view of the World Poker Tour in Aruba. It will be on TV next year and Linda was dealing. Great stuff.

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End of the World

Thankfully, Mister Decker made me feel much better by admitting that he, too, has the fireworks animation (shock and awe!) enabled on Party Poker when scooping a pot. And here I thought I was the only one.

For the love of God, I can't believe anyone would actually try to use the Phil Helmuth poker strategy book. Honestly. Don't get me wrong, he's obviously one helluva tournament player but from everything I've read, he's a terrible ring game player. Phil Helmuth poker advice: Apparently he has you classify your opponents by animal type. WTF? Is this a pop-up book? Mice, elephant, lions and rabbits? I guess the book is geared to beginners?

Oh the humanity. Perhaps I shouldn't judge the book without actually reading it, but Phil Helmuth and his nine bracelets are somewhat of an anomaly. How many WSOP events has he entered over the last 10-15 years? He's nine for what...

Phil Helmuth says to always raise and cap preflop with any pair of 7's or better, no matter the position or situation. Yikes.

I will admit that I admire what must have been Helmuth's sheer determination in getting this book written. After all, it must be damn tough to write a book with one hand while patting yourself on the back with the other.

I pity the newbies who picked Phil's book as their first. Personally, I'd recommend a heavy diet of any Ken Warren, Lee Jones, Gary Carson, Lou Kreiger or the Mad Genius, Mike Caro. Any one of them would be preferable to Phil Helmuth, IMHO.

He's just so much fun to hate. :)

Received a Party Poker email telling me they closed the investigation on "colluding players" (please see prior post about this incident). They will continue to monitor them, blah blah blah. At some point, I will post greater detail (hand histories) about this because I'm still irked.

Been playing exclusively 2.4 this week. Won $39 last nite in about an hour and a half. Sometimes I feel silly posting such small, incremental wins/losses but that's the reality of low-limit poker. I've been steadily moving up since my tragic 50 BB loss last week.

I managed to grab some poker chat last evening when a regular (Rock) started bashing a gambler.

Maniac: whats nh (no hand?)
Rock: only the worst possible player would call those raises with that hand
Rock: am i right?
Maniac: 56o is a decent hand
Rock: in a capped pot yeah right
Maniac: i like long shots - big payoffs
Maniac: only so many of each card in deck
Rock: you play this like bingo
Me: Rock, shhh, no teaching, please
ThirdParty: look who has the money though Rock
Rock: what u mean?
ThirdParty: he's made money so far
Third Party: Maniac, it's been entertaining, let's keep it that way!
Maniac: good call
Maniac: amen to fun
Me: Amen!
Rock: yeah
Me: Maniac > Rock
Rock: ill hush
Me: please do :)

And he did stfu and the Maniac gladly gave it all back. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

I love Party Poker!

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