Tuesday, November 04, 2003

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I hate Barbra Streisand, truly I do.

Random and unrelated poker notes: 2.4 on Party Poker has been treating me well. Barely broke even overall last nite but won enough in 2.4 to cover the costs of two $30 unsuccessful no-limit sit and go's.

Related to prior posts about bashing the fish: I'll be damned if the minute I sit down last evening that some buttmunch is screaming about some goof rivering him with A2 when he held KK. Good Lord, I tried to provoke him to no avail. Maybe ten minutes later he starts ranting again and going off about how his flop percentage is at 21%, blah blah blah, all these morons, blah blah blah. Table immediately tightens up. I blast him, pointing out his impact on what was a loose, sloppy table, and thank the jackass (jackass does NOT get XXXX'd out on Party, btw) for ruining a good thing before leaving the table.

I didn't really think too much about it until he messages me half an hour later through the Party Poker buddy list thingy, apologizing profusely, thanking me, and stating that he now sees how stupid he was.

That's a freaking first.

I just noticed the banner on CardPlayer that is offering a 40% deposit bonus to PokerRoom. Damn. I have a buddy who plays there during the day and he enjoys it, but reading the fine print, it sounds too much like UB.

To get the bonus you need to collect player points. A bonus requires 7 player points for every dollar. For example, a deposit bonus of $20 will require 200 player points. As soon as you have collected the points needed, your bonus will automatically be transferred to your PokerRoom.com account.

Anyone out there have any experience with them?

A reader asked about PokerStars. Yup, I've played there from beta. I personally think they have the best software, tournaments and customer support, bar none. Do I play there now? Hardly at all. The games are just much tougher than Party Poker, imho. I've seen the influx of new players there, so perhaps it's softer than it used to be but Party still has the easiest games. Just my two cents.

Interesting post from RGP about O8.

I have been reading about O8, and apparently if it is played with a
solid mathematical understanding at the low limits, it is very easy to
make money (mainly through tight play), because everyone plays so

Also, I read (on Steve Badger's site) that "$3/6 Omaha requires only
about half the bankroll of $3/6 Holdem, but your hourly win rate
should be higher." Is this still the case? I am a winning player at
LLHE, but who doesn't want a higher win rate?

Badger had an interesting reply:

Interesting. This has never been true in the history of the galaxy before,
as bad low limit Omaha players have always been drastically "badder" than
bad low limit Holdem players, but with the advent of the ESPN and World
Poker Tour, it may have changed dramatically. Naturally almost all those
totally inexperienced players will first try Holdem. Still, having a
positive expectation playing low limit Omaha is not hard at all.

Also, bad players have a much better chance in Holdem than they do in Omaha.
Even if Holdem has more fish, the fish have a shot. Bad players in Holdem
commonly have some outs: a gutshot, hit a kicker, spike their underpair.
Bad players in Omaha commonly are drawing 100% dead.

I've gotta start playing more of this.

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