Monday, November 17, 2003

Poker Journal rant
"For the the talented, Las Vegas is the land of milk and honey. For the rest, it is a burial ground."
Jack Binion

Because I don't live there anymore, the closest place to play poker (legally) around here is Caeser's Palace in Indiana, across the river from Louisville. It's dank and dirty and I've just now read that they raised their rake to a max of $6 per hand. The reasons to play poker online versus brick and mortar aren't even worth detailing.

online > b&m

All four of my readers will be happy to hear I am currently up $28 on the night. Scrappy play. Dug myself a hole early but thanks to sitting and doubling through in a no-limit ring game, ended up winning thus far. I'm close to sitting in NL and PL ring games full-time again but I have been told Party is full of colluders in NL. It is prolly a better game to collude in, if you think about it.

Check out these extraordinary $$$ numbers from Sunday's tournaments:

Party Poker $215 NL Hold Em
Closed at 1500 Players, Prize Pool $300,000
1st place $60,000 2nd place $36,000

Poker Stars $215 NL Hold Em
Total of 690 players, Prize Pool $138,000
1st place $34,500 2nd place 19,734


Those numbers are reason alone to learn tourney poker. How can people still play the lottery with payouts like the above? The lottery is like a stupid tax on people who can't do math.

It's time to shift my focus from ring games to tourneys. And that means no-limit poker.

It's probably not any surprise to anyone that weekend online poker is much more fishy than on weeknights, or especially weekdays. Weekend poker is profitable for me. But apparently not for all players, as I found this post attempting to use Abdul Jalib as supporting evidence. Interesting thread regarding collusion - more forthcoming.

Abdul's post

I have always thought weekends were very hard to play on. Lots of bad beats and sometimes my bankroll would take a big hit. Much of the losses are tilt caused by the initial losses and bad beats. However, I have always been certain that there was more collusion on weekends. I believe mostly by college students. I like how Abdul links collusion with an increase of bad
beats. I have always suspected this. When I posted similar suspicions
earlier I was basically called a paranoid moron. Most believed the bad beats
were just because there was more fish on the weekends. However, with more bad beats should come larger profits form the pots you do win. Thus, you should still make good money. However, on weekends this in not the case. I believe it is much harder to profit on the weekends per hour in spite of the fact that there is apparently more bad players. This is due to the amount of collusion.

Excuses, excuses.

Link of the day:
Fuck You, Too, Future People
John Titor, who came back from the year 2036 to answer questions on the Internet: "No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep."

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