Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Phil Helmuth Poker Diary

Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward.

Won big early last night in 3.6 on the strength of limp-reraising twice with KK and hitting a set once and having them stand up in the other. God knows it's easy to win when the deck hits you in the face, especially on a loose, aggressive Party Poker table.

Let's crank through some poker links, shall we?

RUSSIAN poker gang 'easy meat'
Joe "The Judge" Meissner thinks five Russian poker players who want to play in Australia's richest tournament are suckers.

Virgin Islands Daily News, U.S. Virgin Islands
Divi Carina Bay Casino is hoping to cash in on the country's newest spectator sport by bringing two poker tournaments to St. Croix next year.

A TV blogger for About.com had to comment about Poker on Bravo.
CELEBRITY Poker Showdown Schedule
This show isn't half bad and I'm not even a poker-on-TV fan. Imagine if
you enjoyed both watching poker and watching celebrities?

TV poker is jackpot for Canterbury Park
"It has just been phenomenal," Sampson said of the card club, where business is up 30 percent over last year. "A year ago, you'd ask someone about [the card game] Texas hold 'em, and there was no awareness. TV really changed that. They see it and want to try it."

Good to see poker back in the limelight. The fifteen minutes continues.

My man Pauly is terrorizing Vegas right now. I truly wish I was there, except I'd probably get arrested. How long is the statute of limitations anyway? Read about his latest adventures, including meeting Phil Helmuth, at the Tao of Poker.

My two local readers and NFL fans will get a kick out of this snippet from Pauly:

The entire crowd at the Manadaly Bay was rooting for Cincy. Every time Rudi Johnson scored the crowd chanted "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!!!"

Regarding the now infamous poker blogger SNG, I think we have ten. Grubby and Pauly both want in so methinks we have a full table. Woohoo! Shall we shoot for an early-mid January tourney after the holidays? If there is a certain evening someone *can't* play, please leave a message in the comments - let's start whittling down a date.

The smart money is obviously on Mr. Decker although the PokerPenguin is specializing in SNG's right now.

OK, I'm heading to 50.1. Got my email from Party Poker offering another $100 bonus. I LOVE PARTY POKER!

On the other hand, I hate Pass the Pigs. Thanks a lot, Fat Guy. I forgot how much I hate "oinkers."

Link of the Day:
Your Friend Until the End
Irvin Baxter Jr. is the Matt Drudge of end-time prophecy, ferreting out news stories that indicate the end is near. But not too near -- a four-year subscription to his magazine sells for $60.

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