Monday, December 01, 2003

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"There can be no self-deception for a poker player. You have to be a realist to be successful. You can't think you've played well if you lose consistently. Unless you can judge how well you play relative to the others, you have no chance."
Mickey Appleman

God, ain't that the terrible truth. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Again, thanks to everyone reading. It's nice to see folks here after the holiday week.

Sick as hell today so I haven't played yet. I'm only 30 or so hands away from completing my Empire bonus requirement so I'll prolly go play after I bang this post out. I'm exactly $11 damn dollars up right now, not counting my impending bonus. Fortunately, Empire doesn't have the garish orange of Party and I get to play under another identity, which I think is a big plus if you have a database of players built up.

Glad to see Mister Decker updated his poker blog and wrote a very interesting post about schooling fish, cashing out/assorted bankroll issues and the ever-shifting mindset of a online poker player. For the record, Mister Decker, you had a great run and I truly like the idea of treating yourself to something special with your winnings. My man Fuzz just did the same thing. WE LOVE PARTY POKER!

My personal perspective on my bankroll has changed a lot over the years. I've become much more serious about it as I have continued to win. It's very ironic because (much to my wife's chagrin) I am extremely cavalier about money, in general. But that, in part, perhaps made me a better poker player quicker than someone with a better understanding of the value of a dollar. But then I got my ass handed to me back in the days of Paradise Poker. Once I started doing serious tracking, I realized I had to step back and take stock of the situation.

So I ended up reading some random Mike Caro article about "protecting your bankroll" in which he espoused that you can be more reckless with a small bankroll than you can with a large one. And more importantly, how most players treat their bankrolls just the opposite. And how, if you have a poker bankroll, it's for poker *only*. It was an epiphany and the beginning of the building of the bankroll.

Hell, I didn't mean to rant on this tangent. It's Mister Decker's fault, damnit.

Another fine poker blog post, Up for Poker wrote on something I've wondered about for a long time - the effect of television cameras on the hole cards and what the poker tournament pro's (or at least Phil Helmuth) think about it.

Saw a revisionist history interview with Russ Boyd. Hate to link to it, but it's a worthy read if you didn't get ripped off by Russ and PokerSpot.

Link of the Day:
Jailbait and Switch
Perverted-Justice trolls the Internet posing as underage girls, then posts chat transcripts and all of the information provided by the wanna-be sexual predators who turn up on the hook.

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