Wednesday, December 03, 2003

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"When we play, we must realize, before anything else, that we are out to make money."
David Sklansky, Theory of Poker

The bold text above is actually Sklansky's and not of my doing.

Thanks for reading my daily updates.

Because I am a cableless loser, I didn't get to watch the big Celebrity Death Match Poker show on Bravo last evening. I truly enjoyed reading all the disparaging and insulting comments on RGP and other assorted poker message boards, however. Also, interesting to see BG and BB's insights in the comments selection below - appreciate it guys. I need someone to fill me in on the carnage. :)

But then, while I was worrying about the negative overall effect the show would have on televised poker, my favorite vegan, Howard Lederer, weighed in with this comment:

Disagree. Yes, the poker is really bad. But, celebrities are playing and
having a great time. America loves its celebrities and they like to do what
their celebrities do. This can't be bad for poker.

Who am I to disagree with Howard?

I just realized the new Cardplayer is up, but haven't had time to devour it yet. Hopefully, Phil Helmuth wrote something ridiculous.

Online poker update: Got a great email today from a low-limit 50.1 player who is currently on PokerStars. If you have read prior posts or know me in real life, you know that I have vast experience at PokerStars. As much as I love the software and the tourneys, I would never consider playing there while Party Poker is fat, juicy and succulent.

Why? Good God - I just counted eight nearly full 50.1 tables on PokerStars. Let me try to count how many on PartyPoker.....there are over ONE HUNDRED on Party Poker right now with only 16,000 players connected. It's probably close to 150 tables on weekends. Any more questions? Shill plug: $100 deposit bonus if you use the code IGGY or download the software to the right. Or go download it yourself and try it on your own - I'm not stroking Party to get money out of doing so - that's not why I come on this blog and spout off Guinness-fueled rants. But I do have an important tip for you current Party Poker players who are NOT signed up with Empire Poker.

Take advantage of this. And I'm only stating it because hell, I didn't know this was the case until nearly a year after my original signup with PartyPoker.

Empire Poker = Party Poker. If you are playing on Party, you can sign up on Empire Poker, get another $100 deposit bonus, and play against the same damn fish you do every day on Party. In fact, because Party has a garish orange interface and Empire has blue: Empire > Party. So there are three keys to this equation as a Party Poker player. 1. You can copy your player notes from the Party directory into the Empire directory (let me know if you need help with this) and retain all your tedious player notes - you *are* keeping player notes, aren't you? 2. PokerTracker: if you use Tracker, and you *are* using PokerTracker, aren't you? Now your valuable database of fishies carries over to Empire and you can play against them with a second, hidden identity. 3. You can bounce back and forth from Party and Empire and receive repeated deposit bonuses. It's a vicious circle of cash. This alone makes it worthwhile, even if you are barely a break even player.

Don't forget to thank me later, Party players. Sign up with the code IGGY1 to get $100 deposit bonus. Clear out Party Poker, sign up for Empire and take advantage of this. By the time you clear your hands played requirement, Party will have emailed you offering $100 to play there. Remember = IGGY to sign up for Party. IGGY1 for Empire Poker.

And then you can send me an email like this one today from one of my favorite bloggers:

a followup "thank you" for turning me on to party poker. a couple weeks of very limited play has me up over $450 pure profit, and that's with a few downright horrible sessions mixed in. mostly 2/4, though in the last few days i have been playing the $25 NL tables and doing nothing but winning. amazing some of the stuff i've seen at those tables. that's it, thanks for the blog, keep it up.

I just counted over forty no-limit $25 ring game tables on Empire - Party. Think you can find a soft game in one of those?

I'm personally running well again. Won $70 in 2.4 on Monday and $40 last evening. Coupled with my deposit bonus, that's easy money. I admit, I like to bang out the deposit bonus in 50.1. It's free money if you play uber-tight.

Found a fun new poker blog. A domain like pokergrub.com makes me want to grab my own - a permanent home for my poker ramblings.

Finally, I thought you'd enjoy a Phil Helmuth post - a post from 'The Hendon Mob Forum'. (Phil Helmuth flew over to the UK for a few days and one of the things he did was give a speech to Oxford University students).

The event was great fun, bringing together students from all over the
country and many thanks to all the pros that came down.

Special mention must go to Mr Phil Hellmuth Jnr for becoming the all time
record holder for biggest ever loss at the Thursday night Oxford
University Poker Society cash games. If only we could get him there every

Link of the Day:
Satan's Retirement Plan
Pastor Tony Alamo: "The Roman, satanic-led world government wants to destroy the citizens of the United States and other countries ... because this will save the government at least 1.4 trillion dollars a year in medical expenses and old age benefits alone."

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