Sunday, January 25, 2004

Drew Carey & Stuey Unger Poker Blogs

"Beware, above all, of the man who simply tells you he broke even.
He is the big winner."
Anthony Holden, Big Deal

I picked up my first roto baseball magazine yesterday, which is always cause for celebration in these deep winter months. The first sign of impending spring.

Allow me to again state I'm somewhat in a state of flux regarding which poker game to focus on. I dislike having to set aside 5-7 hours to play no-limit tournaments but what with the impending WSOP, I'm trying to get my NL game into fighting shape. That being said, I can't afford the time to play a tournament seven nights a week. And I hate muddying the poker waters by jumping back and forth between NL and grinding. I know I'm better suited to focus on one or the other, so I'm contemplating taking a brief poker sabbatical to clear my head and perhaps heading back to study-mode. We'll see.

I honestly don't have any serious aspirations to play in the WSOP. The field will be HUGE this year and the tournament grueling. Will I try to win a seat online? Prolly. Would I sell my seat if I won one? Prolly.

First and foremost, I need to check the statute of limitations to ensure it's safe to return to Nevada.

But I'd love to play for the experience of it - to absorb the aura of the Big One; Binion's or no Binion's. And let's face it, even 20th place is gonna be a nice little check.

I'm rambling here, but the WSOP is every amateur players dream. A chance to dance with the big-boys. I'm even thinking about foregoing my annual spring training trip to Florida to attend the WSOP this year. Prolly won't happen, but we'll see.

I wish PokerStars would announce if they are going to allow FPP to be utilized in the WSOP satellites like last year. That's excellent marketing and one that would provide enough incentive for players to shift their game to Stars for a few months.

I'm sure many of my readers are familiar with Russ Gorgiev, of GCA poker cheating fame. Go read the RGP archives (or mine) for further info on the craziness this guy has inflicted on poker (he single-handedly destroyed RGP, imho). Anyway, someone got tired of waiting for Russ and his Poker Mafia web site and created the PolkaMafia site as a tribute.

Go visit now:

A hearty Cheers and a Guinness for whomever is behind this site.

My favorite comment on RGP regarding this (following up a Russ alias post):
Really Rusty? Who would that be? Are you waiting for your own website to open? You said it was ready over 3 months ago. With you and your sock puppets alone, that could make a few dozen members. Anyways, you've already reposted everything you know about 300 times, what is there to see?

I think I'll just wait for the sun to burn out, that will probably be a
lot sooner.

I still remember the post where Russ claimed to be making 25k a month in online poker. I wonder if he's also spending that much to get his damn website up and running?


Hollywood Home Game starts tonight on the Travel Channel
Jack Black, Drew Carey, Steve Harris, Aisha Tyler, Fred Savage and Mimi Rogers have descended on a Hollywood soundstage to make their WPT dreams come true — and take a shot at winning a $25,000 buy-in to the WPT Championship.

And another, from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:
Carey antes up for library
No matter what kind of hand Drew Carey draws on Sunday night's "The World Poker Tour Celebrity/Charity Special," he'll be aces with the Cleveland Public Library.
For the second time on a game show, charity gambler Carey has pledged all his winnings to a library system. The high-stakes game will air on the Travel Channel tonight at 9 p.m.

I'm a cableless loser so I'm looking forward to reading about it tomorrow.

Yikes, 34,000 on Party Poker right now! It wasn't too long ago that I was bemused, wondering how long it would take for Party to hit 40,000 poker players. Sooner, rather than later, it appears. I really need to drop this NL tourney nonsense and get back to the business of grinding and tracking the fish. Making money.

My two cents to Felicia, the most popular poker blogger out there: Please, PLEASE get off Yahoo and move to a more user-friendly environment. You are easily one of my faves, but the email digest has got to go. By moving to a web-based format, your readership will only increase exponentially. But more importantly, I'm praying for your bump to be nuthin of importance. I've been in that spot before and I know how frightening it can be. Certainly puts things in perspective.

Felicia rules.

I'd be remiss if I didn't wish Hdouble and his wife a happy first year anniversary!

Thanks for reading my Guinness-fueled ramblings and consider starting your own poker blog. It might even help your game.

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