Friday, January 30, 2004

Mike Laing and Howard Lederer Poker Blogs

"Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow."
Proverbs 13:11

My regular readers will recognize my "prayer for the grinder" that my wife taped to my monitor, months ago. After the Russ Gorgiev's scam web launch, the verse above seems even more apropos.

I've posted in the past about online cheating. I have some concerns. But CJ, at Up for Poker, has a solid take on it so I'll link to him.

Not everyone is crazy like me and reads 'everything poker' on the web, deciding what is worthy and what isn't. After all, that's why you come here, I hope. So I had a tough call on this one, but in the interest of players who haven't been around a long time, let me share this online poker drama, still unfolding....

In 2+2, there was a very respected poster (3,500 posts, named Ulysses). He said he had found pattern mapping on Party Poker - he could predict most of the time, 4th and 5th street cards. He had the software and was willing to publicly test it, which he has been doing repeatedly.

Pattern mapping. It's taken over 2+2. Dig into the internet forum - keep digging. You won't believe it. I went 12 pages deep and was overwhelmed with posts.

An RGP post about it:

About a year ago, Game Show Network ran a special (ad nauseam) about the
man who won an extraordinary sum of money on Press Your Luck back in the
1980's. They fully explained how he, after videotaping past shows, had
noticed how the game board squares would flash in one of several
pre-determined patterns. He was able to, once identifying the 'pattern'
being used, stop the spinner on the big money squares. The big shots in
the booth realized (at least they claim they did on the show) that someone
had finally figured out the secret, and immediately either changed or
re-worked their programming.

I also remember years ago reading Ken Uston's book on beating the Pac-Man arcade game; after learning that the ghosts followed particular patterns, the game was never quite the same for me.

So go read. I wonder how many people emailed him sincerely, offering big money for said software.

I'm not saying something like this isn't possible but, I think the length of time for which one falls for this is proportional to one's poker hand reading skills.

I really need to fix my blogroll links. There's several blogs on the right that simply never update. The guys who post all the time need to be in their own section.

Speaking of poker blogs, let's pimp a few of the new guys/gals!

LOL, he compares me to a bloodhound in tracking new blogs. In addition to posting daily about poker (Choice Poker? WTF?), He gives his football picks, too. I always bet $100 on the SuperBowl but usually lose. BG? Will New England cover?
Go give him some poker blogger support.
The Daily Grind

She's actually not new but she's a friend of Decker's. Nuff said.
She's on her way to Vegas:

Most folks have seen TightPocket. He recently bought a FragBox. If any poker bloggers want to play Quake 3, one on one against Royal for money, I'll give you 3-1. Royal was once one of the best in the country in Q3 dueling, winning the Midwest qualifier years ago.

You'd have a better shot at beating him in poker. Minus EV, either way.

Per the WSOP, I think it was Tom McEvoy who said, if you can't win your way into a tournament, you shouldn't play in it. So sure, I may try some satellites at the WSOP.

A local writer friend of mine (and poker buddy), Dann, is thinking about trying to get a free-lance writing gig to the WSOP this year. I'd tag along, giving him a local player to embarrass while he writes his piece. This is likely a recipe for jail-time, but it probably will make for a compelling read. Dann recently published THE book on the opening of Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park. If you are a baseball fan or local, please check it out.
Opening Day at Great American Ball Park

WSOP Info posted by tourney director, Matt Savage:
$125 Double Shootouts- for the $10,000 Word Championship Opening Day through Wednesday April 21st $225/ $200 Supersatellites for the $10,000 World Championship April 22- May 20 at 3pm and 7:45pm Single Table Satellites for World Series of Poker Events begin April 21st

Turn $50 into Millions- Win your seat into the evening supers starting April
22nd $225 Second Chance Tournaments starting April 22nd at 10:45pm

In rooting through the 2+2 posts, I found Lori (or Lorinda as I remember her by) posting her poker bio. Interesting read, considering how long she has been around.

Woohoo, another new blogger. Has poker blogging jumped the shark? I think not.
Fish with a Pole
I really need to work on my poker math. I get too caught up in the hand to think about how many outs I have and what the pot odds are before calling.

Let's do poker news next, shall we?

The $1,000,000 Prima Poker World Tour 2004 Flies First Class
The Prima Poker Tour 2004 - A Million Dollars in Entry Fees to 14 poker festivals in 7 countries, making this the largest Global tour in Poker History.

PrimaPoker.com has set a new record with the largest terrestrial sponsorship in the history of poker by backing the world famous Hendon Mob on their second global escapade. The Mob will challenge the world's best poker players as they compete in 14 of the most prestigious poker festivals across 7 countries over the next 12 months.

I can't wait. Will we see Party Poker ads on SuperBowl Sunday?
Ads for Gambling Sites Abound Despite Legal Crackdown on Media

Online wagering. Naysayers be damned.
Cashing in
So why can't the law enforcement authorities shut down the industry? Location, location, location.

For the love of God, will the media please stop writing about poker so I can actually play?
Are you ready for some ... poker?
Card game has become one of TV's hottest crazes
“We went five years when our newsletter went out to 3,000 people a month,” Barry Shulman says. “In December, it went out to 16,000 people. This month, it went out to 28,000. Our Internet site went from 800 people a day to 10,000 a day.

From Florida:
The big deal about poker
Miller says he got the idea to bring poker to NBC Sports when his 14-year-old son, Bobby, dropped his video games and started playing poker. Now, they play and watch poker together.

Dann's buddy wrote this article in the Dayton Daily News mostly about Mike Sexton, a Dayton native:
Passion for poker
"Last week, Tiger Woods was sitting at that table right next to you," she said, "and none of these guys even approached him or wanted his autograph."

This is a TGIF post. Oh the humanity. I've almost blacked out at this point.

The poker blogger NL SNG will be a reality. I may post an additional bounty on my head - the player that knocks me out gets a bonus.

Thanks for reading. It's difficult to post great poker content, day after day.

Russ Gorgiev sucks.

I'm gonna go play some damn poker.

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Bonsai Kitten

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