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"Las Vegas is not renowned as a literary town. In fact, the word "book" around here, 90% of the time is a verb."
Deke Castleman

Good Lord, where to begin?
I want to rant, to shill, to scream from the rooftop, I LOVE PARTYPOKER!

It's amazing, watching poker undergo this metamorphosis, especially regarding online poker play. Could I have dreamt or ever imagined a better scenario?

James McManus? Chris Moneymaker? The World Poker Tour? Party Poker?

Hrrm, well.... My poker scenario would *not* include the Bravo TV Show, Celebrity Poker. I'm loving the random insults from the blogs and message boards, but I still wish the show would go away. However, stick Phil Helmuth or Sam Grizzle at the table, and I'm pre-ordering the season DVD.

Two new announcements for poker and TV is below. You heard it here first.

Snippets from the last Bravo TV show, with Tom Green and Scott Stapp (of Creed):

Phil: "Tom's out, and Scott is still..."
Kevin: "Confused."
Phil: "Confused."

Mimi Rogers was sort of funny,
"I have a big pair" - that sounded right out of 'Young Frankenstein.'

Season two of WPT.
Travel Channel Deals Up Season Two of World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour continues to be a ratings winner for the network -- with the World Poker Tour Ladies Night special scoring the highest rating ever for the WPT series, and becoming the second highest rated individual program in the network's history

World Poker Tour Goes Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, California – (Press Release) -- On Sunday, January 25 from 9-11 PM (ET/PT) Hollywood's inner circle will put it all on the table in the premiere episode of the World Poker Tour: Hollywood Home Game. The stakes are high and the tension palpable as Hollywood superstars battle for bragging rights, $25,000 in charity donations and a coveted $25,000 seat in the World Poker Tour Championship.

"It is remarkable how many A-List celebrities and Hollywood muckety-mucks tell us they are addicted to our show," said executive producer and founder of the World Poker Tour, Steven Lipscomb. "The WPT Hollywood Home Game edition gives these celebs a chance to experience what it feels like to sit at WPT final table. At the same time, we have taken great care to preserve the relaxed feeling of a Hollywood home game. Six stars on a sound stage, with nothing between them but the chips and the felt."

To spice up the action, in each two-hour episode, the stars are given the option of using a "lifeline" to call upon two professional poker players for a bit of friendly advice.

"World Poker Tour: Hollywood Home Game pits Hollywood's brightest stars against one another and fulfills the World Poker Tour/Travel Channel promise of high quality televised poker programming," said Travel Channel's executive vice president and general manager, Rick Rodriguez.

Celebrities featured in the four-episode World Poker Tour: Hollywood Home Game include:

* Episode 1: Jack Black, Drew Carey, Fred Savage, Steve Harris, Mimi Rogers, Aisha Tyler

* Episode 2: Lou Diamond Phillips, Fred Willard, Lolita Davidovich, Norm McDonald, Richard Karn, Camryn Manheim

* Episode 3: Jennifer Tilly, Ming-Na, Joshua Morrow, James Woods, Robert Wuhl, Daniel Baldwin

* Episode 4: Ben Affleck, Jon Favreau, Ed Asner, Mo Collins, Sharon Lawrence, Gary Busey

The series, the most popular in Travel Channel history, continues to revolutionize televised poker. Through expert analysis, multiple camera angles, and the patented WPT Cam -- which shows close-ups of the players' hole cards -- the World Poker Tour has created a whole new element of high-stakes, high-anxiety excitement.

The World Poker Tour airs Wednesday nights from 9-11 PM (ET/PT), and season two is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, March 3, 2004.

The WORLD POKER TOUR series is produced for the Travel Channel by World Poker Tour, LLC. Steven Lipscomb is the show's creator and serves as Executive Producer. Joe Swift is the Executive Producer for the Travel Channel. World Poker Tour, LLC is a joint venture between Lipscomb and Lakes Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq: LACO).


I'm close in a sat. 114k with 55 players left. Twenty qualify.

Link of the Day:
Smile, You're on Remanded Camera
From The Smoking Gun's mugshot collection: "These allegedly lawless ladies and gentlemen should be recognized for their awful hair, unfortunate clothes, array of bandages, and goofy smiles."

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