Sunday, January 11, 2004

Stewart Reuben & Bob Ciaffone Poker Blogs

"It's not luck - there's probably no such thing as luck, and if there is you can't depend on it. All you can do is play percentages, play your best game, and when that critical bet comes - in every money game there is always a critical bet - you hold your stomach tight and push hard."
Bert, The Hustler

Good God, I'm reading that Guinness-fueled post from last night and scratching my head. I basically reposted old drivel. Oh the humanity.

I was too busy sweating Royal in a massive NL satellite to the big tourney today to properly post. I played as well, building up to about 10k after two hours before getting AA, moving in, getting called in two places (AK & 99) and of course, getting cracked. Damnit, that 30k pot shoulda been mine. I was too drunk irked to play anymore so I just admired Royal run over his table. Top twenty players qualified and I'm happy to report that Royal placed and will be playing today in the Big One. Woohoo!

I'm gonna go read some Pot-Limit and No-Limit Poker by Stewart Reuben & Bob Ciaffone and peruse the football games before the tourney. I'll be back later with a full report and links.

Link of the Day:
Iraqis Love To See Our Privates
A soldier's update from Iraq describes some subjects that Tom Brokaw hasn't covered yet, such as the crime of donkeyjacking, the way to get kids to scream "Buttstroke Me," and how to win a grenade fight on a bus.

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