Thursday, January 08, 2004

These damn tournaments are killing me. They last so freaking long and I end up drinking far too much Guinness. Oh the humanity, I'm hurting today.

But YES, I qualified last nite. Typical satellite, players shoving chips in as fast as they can, talking trash. The pivotal hand was getting KK allin preflop versus TT and KJo (? wtf) and tripling through to 120k in mid-tourney.

So now I'm once again in the big show this weekend. Woohoo! I'm pretty stunned at my nolimit success thus far, but it doesn't mean anything unless I manage to cash in the big tourney.

Let's roll out the poker linkage, shall we:

Good Lord, venerable blog Love and Casino War has new multiple posts - go check it out now for the hilarious quote of the day and some great 'home game' resources. Always quality content.

Speaking of which, I'm running a little no-limit tourney here in about a week. Oughta be a hoot.

Resident RGP nutball, Brian Court had this post about Party Poker, which surprised me cause he's typically always bashed Party.

I always loved UB but many times it's tough to get a game. Party on the other hand 24/7 there's plenty of 10/20-20/40 going, the payouts are as fast if not faster than any other site and the games are just ridiculously easy. I'll give you an example, I was playing in a game the other day and one of the players had about $1100 in front of him, he capped every round of betting if possible and with in 7 hands was busted. The funny thing is he might of been stronger than two of the other players at the table. Mike Sexton a class guy that knows how to attract more suckers per square inch than anyone in poker history. If anyone says Party is rigged than I must be Sexton's nephew because he's rigging it my way. God bless the poker boom.


My favorite poker diary site, PokerWorks, has a post about dealing to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Linda rules.

Also, Froggy (get rid of those damn pop-up's!) found OJ's poker blog, only 6 entries but worth keeping tabs on.

From USA Today, a column entitled Placing Bets Online can be a Gamble.

For anyone not using PokerTracker, go check out Stick and Move's example of a fish he tagged on PartyPoker. Amazing. Being able to identify players like that makes PokerTracker priceless for the discerning poker player.
Just so you get a feel for this dude, here's the deal. In 83 hands, he voluntarily put money in the pot 72 times.

MeneGene is cranking out presidential posts on a daily basis and had some fun playing with PokerSavvy's Bad Beat Meter. Thankfully, Mister Greenspan commented on how the meter works:
The score if greatly affected by the amount of money you get into the pot on each street. In limit, there's only so much you can do. And thus your opponents are not making as big a mistake. The really big scores come in pot- and no-limit.

The formula for the scoring is included with the application. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

BTW, where the hell is David Ross? I want an update!

Excellent article here about Dayton native, Mike Sexton. Poker Face.

Another column about poker's popularity. The 15 minutes continues...
Poker's Real Ace

Cavebutter is posting about poker again. I'll cut cavebutter some slack even though what he sees in one hand at Planet Poker is what happens EVERY OTHER hand at Party. But I'm happy he's winning.

Column on Poynter about online gambling, addiction and Pete Rose.

Oh yeah, per Froggy, The Ritz Club London is going online. Lost the link but should be a fine room for the UK players out there.

Lastly, don't forget to use Poker TV Guide to see what's on!

My favorite quote from last nite:

bb- fuck AQ
bb- right in the ear

More later.

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