Monday, February 02, 2004

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Casino Queen, my lord you're mean
I've been gambling like a fiend on your tables so green

The big news is the first official Grublog Poker Classic, a NL tournament for the poker bloggers. Please go hit Grubbies site and sign up if interested. He's giving away some fantastic prizes, in addition to the cash.

My favorite take on this historical event? From the FatGuy:


it's a $20+2 SNG on Feb 22 at some new joint called Choice Poker. Looks a bit like the UB client, except uglier in a 1979 Burger King kind of way.


That's funny cause it's true. Now go sign-up!

The second tournament in our World Poker Blogger Tour will be set up by yours truly. Date/site should be announced in a day or two. Best of all, we can have 'last longer' bets and 'bounties' in the March tourney. Specifics to come. For now, I'm psyched that an off-hand comment in this blog has finally come to reality. Thanks Grubby, you rule.

Also, the March tourney will be scheduled for a Wednesday or weekend so Felicia can play. I still list her as the prohibitive favorite, even though tournaments are a crapshoot. Also, thank you, Felicia, for linking to poker blogs in UnitedPokerforum. That was very cool.

Pauly posted odds in the tourney but he's way off-base. Felicia, BG, Lord Grezsdlkdklf, Royal and many of the talented new kids were left off that list. I agree with Hank, everyone goes in at 9-2.

Saw this RGP post about the WSOP structure this year:


Seems absurd to me to play half the field on Day 1, half on Day 2,
then play 5 more days? Do they have such little room to hold the event
and are expecting so many people?

- Saturday, 5/22/2004 World Championship Event Day 1 4 Full Levels 1/2
- Sunday 5/23/2004 - World Championship Event Day 2 4 Full Levels 1/2
- Monday ,5/24/2004 - World Championship Event Day 3 4 Full Levels
- Tuesday, 5/25/2004 - World Championship Event Day 4 4 Full Levels
- Wednesday, 5/26/2004 - World Championship Event Day 5 Play to 36
- Thursday, 5/27/2004 - World Championship Event Day 6 Play to 9
- Friday, 5/28/2004 - World Championship Event Final Play to 1


Mr. Decker is correct, there are nuggets of poker info on RGP but without the old-school regulars, it's not worth the effort, imho.

No more poker news linkage unless it's top-tier. I simply don't have the time. I want to get back to my roots - using this blog to think critically about poker. Analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. Documenting the good, bad and ugly. Supplementing my studying. The blog, as it is, is getting in the way.

Fave chat snippet of the night last evening, after I sucked out with a river flush versus a Montreal player with railbirds talking non-stop in French to him:

happyjaypee [observer]: booooooo
Elvis-73: calice de marde
Iggy: Canada sucks

Here's a list of WPT Players
Ed Asner
Billy Baxter
David Benyamine
Lyle Berman
T.J. Cloutier
Hoyt Corkins
Anthony Cousineau
Charidimos Demetriou
Mark Dickstein
Maureen Feduniak
Bob Feduniak
Bruno Fitoussi
Noli Francisco
Alan Goehring
Clonie Gowen
Barry Greenstein
Gus Hansen
Brian Haveson
Jesse Jones
John Juanda
Phil Ivey
Mel Judah
Marvin Karlins
Richard Karn
Richard Kelly
Ronald Kirk
Curt Kohlberg
Erick Lindgren
Shane Muscarello
Ming Na
Paul Phillips
Mimi Rogers
Ron Rose
Mark Seif
Barry Shulman
Mimi Tran

Alrighty then, I'm off to play. Good luck to everyone tonight. Empire Poker deposit bonus rules!

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