Thursday, February 05, 2004

Paul Phillips Poker Blog

"It's hard to hide success or failure in this profession we've all chosen."
Howard Lederer

There's something about a midwest winter that makes any particular day seem an awful lot like all the others around it.

Anyway, this is gonna be a quick post tonight because I wanna play poker with my attention undivided. Stepping up and playing some higher limits for a bit. Also read a damn funny flame by Paul Phillips on RGP.

I officially signed up for Grubby's inaugural February tourney. Hurry up and get your butt over there to get a seat at the table! This is only the first in what will surely become an epic monthly event, The World Poker Blogger Tour.

I'm looking forward to receiving that last place mystery prize. I hope it's a copy of Poker For Dummies, because some newbie friend never returned mine.

The follow-up March tourney will be held on Sunday, March 7th at 9pm. More details when I have time to post them. But for now, mark your calendars. This will be a two table event, if we have enough players.

I immediately have taken a liking to Suited Trash. Anyone who calls Paul Phillips a smug fuck is cool in my book. To be fair, I've _always_ enjoyed Paul's RGP posts, but it appears as if that's sadly coming to an end.

I used to have his blog linked on the right, but he only posts a line per month so I removed it. Anyway:
Paul Phillips blog

I'm done with rec.gambling.poker
For those wondering when I'm going to post on rgp again, I'm not. A certain lowlife on rgp has succeeded in causing me real-life problems, and the nature of those problems is such that there is no defense for me save leaving. Sorry to abandon it but my hand was forced. I suppose if I write anything about poker I'll do it here for now.

Inspiring story about an online player cashing in through Empire Poker:
Good_one’s story of the Crown tournament in Melbourne, Australia

Speaking of inspirational, one of our own, LordG, has quit his job and is moving into pro territory. It goes without saying that I wish LordG the best of luck, and I'm looking forward to reading his travails.

I started this silly poker blog to force myself to document, think critically and above all, study the game of poker that I enjoy so damn much. Mission accomplished, methinks, thus far. But because I never expected anyone to read my Guinness-fueled ramblings, I have been overwhelmed with the too kind words and links. And because of this emerging little poker corner of the BlogSpace, I've occasionally done some surreptitious and not-so-surreptitious guerrilla internet-PR for all of us.

So one drunken evening I emailed a shill, fake "review" site to feature a Top Ten Poker Blog list. Hell, they create top ten lists of everything else poker just to provide some content to cover the garish shilling. Anyway, they finally did so tonight. And the fuckers didn't even list me. :)

Oh the irony. I'll let other folks link to them. Bastards. I'm sure if they had expanded to a top #15 instead of #10, I woulda been listed. Ha!

Also, for my man Scott (and anyone else who is interested), I'll soon do a post on getting under the hood of Pokertracker and what I find relevant. There is a veritable plethora of number-y goodness to sort through, and I may need screen shots to do it properly. Yet another reason to move to moveable type a domain name, eh?

Tagging fish isn't hard, either, if you take the time and start building up the database. Tracking them is a tad tougher, especially when savvy players use both a Party and an Empire account. But it can be done through due diligence.

Ok, gotta go. Got more to post but it shall have to wait.

Wish me luck tonight.

Link of the Day:
Where Sesame Street Hits Crack Alley
USA Networks rejected Vernon Chatman's Kids Show on the grounds that it was "anti-social and immoral." It's also demented, disturbing, exploitive, and shows far too much of the hot-dog manufacturing process.

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