Sunday, February 22, 2004

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"Italians come to ruin most generally in three ways, women, gambling, and farming. My family chose the slowest one."
Pope John XXIII

My humble apologies for the lack of posts - work has been especially hectic this week. What little free time I had could either be spent on a post or actually playing. Because I've been running so well on Party, it's an easy choice.

Friday night was especially juicy at the 2.4 and 3.6 tables. Damn, I love friday nights. I even hit one of those dream hands, a boat versus two high flushes. A couple nice scoops like that one made for a profitable evening.

Later on, I took my fellow poker bloggers advice and sat some NL ring and doubled through twice.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I had the pleasure of sitting NL ring games with thefatguy and showed him the art of trash talking back to a trash talker. I think I put the entire table on tilt at one point - or at the very least, they were VERY anxious to take my stack, which thankfully never happened. Kudos to the fat guy for feeding me with some damn funny lines.

Favorite line of the night:

thefatguy: coal black hand, blood red board
thefatguy: story of my life

Don't underestimate Scott in the epic blogger tourney tonite. He plays big, folks, no pun intended.

Speaking of which, that's only a few hours away, isn't it? Can't you feel the pressure rising? Scott has a great post quoting all the different poker blogs and their thoughts on tonights battle. Again, I haven't played a sit and go in over a year, so I'll be making an early exit, I'm sure. Plus, I'm sure my fellow bloggers would love to be the one that knocks me out. There's nothing quite like playing with a big red target on you.

Damn, I just logged into Choice and see that we're up to 25 players!

Last nite was my home poker game. Our gracious hosts, Filmgeek and Meaux, pulled out all the stops. They had a huge spread of kickass food and we played on an actual poker table that Meaux bought for her man for Xmas. Woohoo! Since it was Filmgeek's 29th 39th birthday, there was also a giant, dark chocolate cake that we descended upon like a plague of locusts. I truly had a blast, per usual, despite losing and getting utterly and completely toasted. I was a drooling pile of goo by the time the game finally broke up. Someone wrote me today and said I was in rare form - yikes.

Too many funny lines to recount. I had the big winner, Dann, on my right, cracking me up all evening. Stay tuned as this Major League Baseball writer is soon to join us poker bloggers. Dann encouraged me to market the IggyTM brand with playing cards, t-shirts, bobble-heads and even Iggy pogs.

'The Hammer' was referred to several times last nite, BTW, so I think it's officially catching on. One related footnote about The Hammer. When Grubby began the contest, I stupidly thought you had to type "HAMMER" into the chat box at the beginning of the hand, which I always did. Damnit, is it any wonder I rarely got any action?

Last home game note: Kudos to Filmgeek for turning me on to mixing Guinness with that hard cider stuff - surprisingly tasty! Called it a Snakebite.

I'm extremely hungover and need some quality couch time, so I'll save my links for tomorrow. Also, I have some great new poker blogs to pimp so make sure to come back. Hell, I may end up posting later tonight.

Good luck tonight in the tournament!

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