Thursday, February 26, 2004

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“If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: The rules of the game, the stakes and the quitting time.”
Chinese Proverb


Oh the humanity. I'm questioning if their ticker was correct.

Anyone who IS playing online and not playing on PartyPoker, is profoundly retarded. I hate to say that, truly I do, but DAMN, the games are seemingly getting softer and softer. I played on a 3.6 table last evening that had three players seeing EVERY flop for over an hour. One maniac reloaded twice before losing yet another $150 and leaving, it was that insane.

Of course, I only scooped one pot in that entire time. Is there anything more frustrating in poker than watching a nutball give away his money to everyone but you?

On top of that, I made the mistake of only half-watching a NL ring game and _I_ became the fool, giving away money.

Note to self: pay attention, damnit.

I wanted to make a quick note about EmpirePoker. I've received several emails over the last few weeks from players taking my advice and trying to sign up on Empire to no avail. So I'm here to give you the skinny. How and why should you play on Empire?

First of all, the tournaments on Empire have some serious overlay. You may have seen some of the other astute bloggers writing about this. Empire is actually losing money. They are now guaranteeing $50,000 every Sunday and $10,000 every Wednesday. In fact, on Sunday there were only 212 players - meaning this is one of the best tournament overlays around. Also, Empire Poker is still adding $20,000!

I probably shouldn't mention this, but Empire is AGAIN offering reload bonuses and such, so there is still opportunity for those of you who want to bonus whore. Hell, it's free money. I went and scooped up my $100 bonus in a flash yesterday. Made up for my beatings at the NL table. So anyway, for all of you Party players who want to take advantage of a second screen name on Empire, here's what ya got to do.

#1 Don't play on Party for 30 days. Then you can open an Empire account.

This, of course, is unacceptable. Sooo, here's the work around:

#2 Use a second computer to open your Empire account. That's it. Party does it's tracking by IP so all ya need is a second box to take advantage of the insanity going on at Party/Empire. Easy fix. If you want to use my bonus code of IGGY1 ($100 bonus - 20%) on Empire when you signup, I'd be deeply appreciated. But regardless, you owe it your bankroll to take advantage of this. I like using my Empire account when I find a table with a couple regulars, guys I've played a lot of hands with.

Here was a post about this very topic:

You do NOT need a different name or email address to sign up at a skin. All you need to do is use a different computer/IP and you can keep all the other info the same. There's no reason to sign up as your aunt or wife or whoever.

It's fine if an existing Party player signs up to a skin. I have been told that they're just trying to cut down on some bonus abuse. There are some unique features about each skin that you can use as justification. You make it sound like you need to completely change your identity when all you need to do is sign up from a different computer.

K, enough about that. I just wanted the guys who tried like hell to sign up on Empire to know what the deal is. Happy bonus whoring, boys. Thank me later. :)

Hrm, weird, just noticed I got a few hits from Cracksmokers.

Woohoo, two new poker blogs! Sprouting like weeds, aren't they?

down to the felt

tp’s tidbits

I love the new blogs. It's really been fascinating to watch the poker blogging scene take off. Speaking of which, a new blogger, Russ, that I pointed out in my last post, is up and running now thanks to my prodding.

Go visit:
The Russ Has Spoken

And it appears as if Chicago Phil moved from Blogger to Live Journal. Here's his new home:
Chicago Phil's Poker Blog

Here's a couple more random links. First off, from uber-blogger, Felicia, who opens this post with this matter-of-fact statement:

Don, as you may remember, is the elderly racist who exposed himself to me last week.

LOL. Oh the humanity. Felicia rules.

Damnit, I read that our British blogger couldn't play in our blogger tourney cause of zee Germans. Doh! I sure hope you can play in the next one.

Go read Cardplayer X's trip report:

Check out Mister Decker's interesting follow up post on the DOS attacks on poker sites:
Mister Decker

Alrighty then, I'm dying to play some poker but it will have to wait till tonite. I am going to fully concentrate tonight, damnit. Maybe two tables of 3.6 for me to make up for last nite's idiocy.

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