Monday, February 23, 2004

World Poker Blogger Tour

That sure was a blast, thanks again to the Grubmiester for putting this tourney on. Go hit his site for the final standings. 32 players in all.

The Mighty Mene Gene battled the thefatguy and eventually took first. Go hit their sites for the respective write-ups. Should be some funny blog posts today.

Third place winner, Sean of Anisotropy, has a good write-up, too.

I did warn you all about Scott in my post yesterday. He plays big, damnit. I watched him hit quad kings with his K2o. That was when I truly thought he would win it all. But Mene Gene persevered.

Gene won $256, poker chips, book, magazines, $20+2 entry into next blogger tourney. Not a bad haul.

For the record, I ended up 18th, getting knocked out by Hdouble. The blind structure moved pretty dern quick and I failed to adjust - I should have seen alot more flops in the early going. But whatever, I did what I could with the meager cards I was dealt. I was the first to go all-in on our table which was fun - hell, someone had to do it.

As the tourney began, I crowed about reading Phil Helmuth's book in preparation. And in true Helmuthian fashion, I overplayed pocket sevens against a short-stacked Grubette, doubling her up and knocking my stack down to t600. The blinds crippled me quickly and I was forced to move my tiny stack in on the big blind with j2o.

I did, however, knock John out.

Jeremy over at LoveandCasinoWar cracked pocket aces with, you guessed it, The Hammer. Go read UpForPoker's take on this tragedy.

BTW, did anyone get hand histories from Choice? I requested them several times to no avail.

I'll put up a proper post tonite, I'm too groggy right now.

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