Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've had folks harass the hell out of me to provide RSS for my blog. I won't go into all the reasons why I won't, but here's one: there are tons of affiliate shill scumbags out there currently using software called 'BlogBomb.' This software looks for anyone with an RSS feed with content similar to what said affiliate is selling.

Specifically it looks for anyone saying: "Syndicate this site" as an open invitation to hijack your content and then repurpose it on their shill site.

I discovered over a dozen sites ripping off our poker blogs and shut most of them down, liberating content for Hdouble, Chris Halverson, Jeremy and Felicia, to name a few. The site owners were 'happy' to remove the ripped off content after some gentle Iggy persuasion. But there are still yet other poker web sites out there, pulling your RSS feeds into their sites as their own content.

Scroll down the page of this crappy site to see what I mean. The content will be a new poker blog tomorrow. Perhaps yours?
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New "real" poker post forthcoming.....I hope...

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