Sunday, May 02, 2004

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
Napoleon Bonaparte

Thanks for stopping by - plenty on the poker plate this evening. Sorry for the intermittent posts lately, but I'm back on track and fired up to bring you lots more poker goodness. Plus I'm running hot at the tables still. :)

So let's hop right to it, shall we? There's plenty of poker links here today to quell even the most dedicated office drone. Plus, Part 4 of the road trip is posted below. My motto: “Destroying workplace productivity, one post at a time.”

Damn, poker is seemingly everywhere right now. The WSOP is upon us and things are heading to a historical feverish pitch. These are truly amazing times. I'm wondering if the no limit WSOP Championship Event will hit 2,000 players with all the online qualifiers - anyone wanna make an over/under wager?

Speaking of major tournaments, I'm officially announcing the World Poker Blogger Tour, Part Three!! Let's get us rocking and rolling again, shall we? This tourney will be open to any and all poker bloggers plus.... best of all, I've been asked by many readers if they could play as well. After a consultation with my consigliere, Hank, I've decided to go ahead and open it up for both bloggers AND faithful readers. That oughta make this thing a hoot. Grubby is gonna run the next one, so jump on board - you haven't had fun at the tables till you've played with the poker bloggers.

So if you've been lurking and want to play with your blogger favorites, feel free to join in. For the sake of trash talking, I'll even go so far as to call the readers of the blogs "dead money" versus the writers of the blogs in this tourney. ;)

Hell, at the very least, you'll get written about and have some laughs. Honestly, the tournamant table talk is priceless and I guarantee someone will crack AA with THE HAMMER. You'll need to play to see it. Also, I'll have some additional prizes to throw in - first knocked out, bubble prize, and probably lay a bounty on my head as well. More on that to come...

Here's the details:
Sunday, May 16th. 9 pm EST.

Pacific Poker
$20 entry fee.

I know many of you bonus whores (wisely) already have accounts on Pacific - they are currently offering a 25% deposit bonus up to $100. Funny, but Pacific is now ranked ahead of UB and is the 4th largest online poker room. Go get some free bonus deposit money by folding for a few hours if you enjoy that sort of thing.

But for those of you who don't have Pacific accounts, please consider signing up through this humble poker blog here:

Pacific Poker - you just need to click on one of my Pacific Poker poker links to support this blog - there isn't a bonus code, you must click through a link to play.

Seriously, I truly appreciate it if you do. Don't make me grovel!! Running this is going to be a bit of a hassle. Just ask Felicia if you don't believe me - she's put in a ton of hard work running the Sunday nite tourneys. It's more involved than you think with this pre-registration nonsense.

So here's the deal: Anyone can play in this BUT we have to pre-register. So I'll need your Pacific username and email address for anyone wanting to play. Please email this information to me and I'll get your seat reserved.

I'm hoping for a nice turnout for this third epic Blogger tourney. Hell, I'll prolly offer another Party Poker jacket (Otis claimed the last one) and perhaps some poker books, as well. Just please don't wait till the last minute to sign up - this pre-registration thing is going to be enough of a pain in the ass without dealing with that.

At a minimum, I hope we have enough for a SNG.

Wow, Felicia just told me about the two-tiered WSOP tourneys that Pacific is running.

they had a great giveaway on pacific
$1 first tier
wins into 2nd tier
then they are going to guarantee one seat to the 10k

Geez, I gotta get me some of that. So even if you can't make the tournament, think about trying
Pacific Poker through this humble blog if only to bonus whore and try some these tourneys.

I play on other sites for tournaments and bonuses. I hunt for overlay. But still, 15 sites later, I've never seen anything like Party Poker. Ever.

Segue: So much WSOP news to report on. Tons of coverage out there. Here's one noteable site:

As you know Mark from www.PokerPages.com has been at the Final table of
every WSOP event and brings you the video coverage just hours after the
winner has been announced on www.PokerPages.com. The latest video from Event 10 is by far the best yet

All this WSOP talk/writeups is driving me CRAZY. I'm dying for some live poker. I'm either going to Vegas next weekend for my birthday, or I'm heading to Ceaser's Palace in New Albany. I've gotta scratch this itch, one way or another.

I played with Casino Gosain the other evening. He led me by the nose over to the insanity that is 6 handed NL ring game poker. Yikes, the fish were out in force but I think I did well, you'd have to read him. Sadly, I ended up too toasted to witness his royal flush a bit later. Sorry bout that Ash, but I had fun playing anyway!

Venerable poker blogger and old school RGP'r, Alan Bostick, is at the WSOP and blogging every day (gasp!). Great stuff - I sure wish Alan posted more often.
WSOP Diary: Day Three

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm flying to Las Vegas to spend a week participating in the World Series of Poker. This will be the seventh consecutive year that I've gone to the WSOP. Since 2000, it's been a consistently profitable trip.

A WSOP nugget:

Is the rumor of Dan Negreanu's 28 rebuys true? Apparently it payed off because he is chip leader at the final table. How high does he need to finish in order to break even? It is amusing to consider someone could make the final table of a WSOP event with 500 entrants and still not break even.


Yes. 26 rebuys + original buy-in, he was in for $27,000. He needed to finish in 8th or better to make a profit, he finished 3rd.

Oh the humanity.

So it appears that Danny beat Phil Helmuth's record. Phil Helmuth had 14 rebuys (a WSOP Record-total investment of $22,500) in the 1996 WSOP $1500 PLO event and still didn't cash. Doc Earle (who won the event in 1995) and Phil Helmuth got into a pissing match over table talk during a hand. Phil tilted and the rest is history.

By the way, I updated all the links on the right. Should be a comprehensive list of the latest and greatest in poker blogging. I could spend an entire post just linking up the great posts from both the new and veteran writers out there. I'm just thankful to have solid poker reading at my fingertips. What the hell did I ever do before the blogs?

Speaking of which, I'm very happy to see TWO new WSOP Lion Tales by prolific WPT pro, Richard Brodie.
They call me frisky: WSOP $1500 No-Limit Hold 'Em

Even though Paul Phillips seems a smug fuck on TV, I've always been a fan from RGP. Here's a feature article about the King of Snark in the Canadian Poker Player magazine:
Paul Phillips: Another poker millionaire

Our good friends at PokerSavvy have a follow up column. In part III of this series, Derek looks at levels 5-7. See how stack sizes should determine your play when the increasing blinds make many of the players panicky.
Winning Online Tournaments, Part III

Mathew Hilger posted this column per online poker, in Part Two of a series. For poker newbies only:
Top 10 Mistakes in Online Poker

Most everyone already knows about the new ESPN poker columnist, Jay Lovinger, so I'm posting this link for my edification, more than anything else. Yes, they should have hired me.
Poker on ESPN.com Page2

PartyPoker.net ads are sprouting up everywhere. Here's a random sighting:

party poker just ran an ad for their online poker school on CNBC. guess this is how they get around the thought police. after all, they never asked us to play online, just to learn. let's give all those
newbies a great welcome to the exciting world of online poker.

Yes, let's. I LOVE PARTY POKER!!!!!!!

That's bonus code IGGY on Party Poker for those of you silly enough to be playing anywhere else. Please don't make me post testimonials - and I have a ton of em. If you like this humble little poker blog, please consider supporting it.

So let's get that shilling straight. The first ever World Poker Blogger Tour with our readers. Please sign up here for that:

Pacific Poker

And Party Poker bonus code is IGGY. Whew, I'm shilled out.

But wait, let me pimp the latest poker blogger. This one is worthy, like almost all of the new bloggers. Burt plays alot at the Taj.
Burt Fu is JKo
Crushing (well, lightly massaging) the poker world a buck two-fifty at a time.

The fork in the road. Have you ever gotten the feeling that if things went differently, your whole session might have changed? For me it sometimes comes down to a single hand. This was the hand.

I still have a ton of poker content to post, but I'll wait till next time. Thanks for reading and helping out. I hope you won't hold this non-uber post against me - I'll make up for it next time.

Your Working Boy.

Link of the Day:
Friends in the End
According to this lawsuit, Friends writers frequently pantomime masturbation, express desire for anal sex with Jennifer Aniston, and speculate about Courtney Cox "having dried twigs in her uterus." Now are you sorry it's ending?

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