Thursday, May 13, 2004

This post is from the gutless wonder over at StinkyPants. Being the coward that he is, he immediately deleted it after reading my comments.

I'll repost it here and let it speak for itself.

Bush beheads Berg?

Oh the insanity. See post after, too.

Here's Stinky with all his awful spelling and delusion:


May 13, 2004
Some thoughts on Berg
While I'm sitting here in my personal hell (a party poker table of morons that will raise and call you to the river with bottom pair and king high.... and getting absolutely NO playable hands...not one) some thoughts kept on bugging me....

Last night the fiance insisted on seeing the Nick Berg beheading video, and I watched it with sound for the first time too...made me sick...but then I noticed some things.

Like most things having anything remotely to do with George Bush, something seemed fishy.... I did some research and heres some points I'd like to bring up;

In the video, he's wearing an orange jumpsuit. This is the same jumpsuit US prisoners wear.

In the announcement read before, they said Berg was to die for "Iraqi Prisoner Abuse".... however, Berg was last seen alive on April 10th, and his father believes that's when he died. This was a full two weeks before the prisoner abuse scandal broke in the media.

Conveniently, the timing of this is garunteed to divert attention from the outrage regarding US torture of Iraqis...

He doesn't look alive as he was bedheaded. The video goes conveniently blurry, but the body doesn't struggle at all. Also there is absolutely no blood. If I was alive, and you tried to cut off my head..first, noone would be able to keep me down..and second, there'd be a hell of a lot of blood. None is seen here.

According to my research, A Reuters journalist in Dubai first named the Muntada Al0Ansar al-Islami site as the source of the video. However the actual web address was never mentioned. After some deep research, I found it at www.al-ansar.biz (the site is now down).... when I did find it, there was no video link anywhere on the site, however, Fox news and CNN were all supposedly able to download the footage right away from that site.

He was held by the US (and Iraqi police) for 13 days without any contact, the FBI knew of this. no reasons were given. He was allegedly released, then captured by the terrorists and murdered....and we ares upposed to swallow this BS?

So, what does this idicate.... He could've been (and probably was) dead before the beheading. That explains the lack of blood and movement.

If you look deeper, and I'm not much of a tin-foil-hat conspiracy guy, the pieces would all fit into place for Bush (or his cronies) to use this as a coverup to the Prisoner abuse scandal... He was in american custody, he's wearing an american prisoner uniform, discrepencies on the timeframe.... Did Bush set this all up? Is Nick Berg really dead? Wheres the body? Who was he killed by, Terrosists, or Bush?

And before you think our beloved president is above having people killed...umm, look at the thousands of Iraqis already dead because of his lies....

Think about it...

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