Thursday, May 13, 2004

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
Bertrand Russell

There's too much to say, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. Mostly.

If you want to read about the past day, please hit Old School Poker Blogger, Mister Decker, for a reality check. He said it much better than I ever could, and besides, he's been blogging about poker for longer than any of us.

Per his post: At least when I called out the Vegan for his insane diatribe (see archives around Christmas), the Vegan had the decency to comment, post and email like a man.

No, he didn't delete his site, link to moveon.org, and run away like a little girl. So much for 'strength of your convictions' eh?

Tilt-City Express, StinkyPants (I really hate typing that stupid effing name). It's amazing how easy it is to tilt some people. You stick the pin in once and they start screaming like weenies over a wood fire. That can really be a leak in a players game...

So I'm sad - my intention was not for Nick (aka Stinky) to leave. I've always tried to take the high road in this humble lil poker blog and I feel like I failed. That sucks. I want nothing more but to simply pimp our community of poker blogs.

But when profound idiocy rears it's ugly head in your own backyard, it's difficult not to say anything. It demeans us all.

Nuff said, and I'm sorry for the non-poker posts. I truly am.
I should stick to what I do best.

So I still have far too much content to post and no time to do so. I apologize for the lack of uber-posts but they are coming, I promise. My load at work will eventually lighten and the morass I've sunken into from that horrific beheading video will eventually leave.

It's looking like 33 players in the World Poker Blogger Tour this Sunday evening. The field is almost perfectly split between bloggers and writers. Outta be a fun time with plenty of hilarious chat. A tip of the Guinness to everyone who signed up - thank you.

I swear, 'Nice Iggy', will be back in the next post. Nuthin but a Guinness-fueled rant about poker.

But for now, StinkyPants, one last dig. Please, please go read some books.
I've eaten things smarter than you.

Link of the Day:
┬┐Donde Esta, Jose?
We have lost our pride. We have lost our dignity. We have lost our Mexicans. If we don't find them, we'll be in deep mierda.

and this commentary:
per the beheading Video.

And Burt FU has some thoughtful advice for Stinky. Burt's right, he's just a kid - I never shoulda said anything.

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