Monday, August 23, 2004

Sorry again, everyone.

Pacific finally got ahold of me. Someone, somewhere, on their end screwed up and we got burned.

To make it up to us, Pacific is offering to give every player $25, essentially making the tourney a complete freeroll.

They will also dump $500 into our prize pool.

This seems like a solid gesture, even though I'm still irked. But hell, mistakes happen. So I think we should take them up on it: 75 players x $25 + $500 = $2375.

An email from this morning:

Further to our conversation, I would like let you know that we, the 888.com Affiliate Team, have been working with the 888.com customer service team to find out what exactly went wrong. It seems there was a human error on our end to set this up properly. We are currently investigating where exactly this error was made and we will of course take the necessary action to ensure this will not reoccur.

In addition, I would like to inform you that a decision was made to compensate every single player that registered for the tournament you scheduled. We will be putting $25 in each of the player's account within the next 24 hours. Furthermore, if and when you are ready to schedule an additional tournament, we will be happy to put up an additional prize pool of $500.

Finally, I would like to offer you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused due to the our failure to set this up properly.

I look forward to seeing you at Pacific Poker.

So if everyone is amenable to this, let's pick a date and get this tourney going!

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