Thursday, October 21, 2004

First things first:

Allow me to thank everyone for the kind words & support per my latest career announcement. Our lil community blows me away, again.

Which is a nice segue into our poker tournament TONIGHT. No more procrastinating, damnit!!! This tourney is open to all. Nine o'clock tonite.

Sign up NOW.

Guinness and Poker Tournament.
October 21st, Thursday, at 9pm EST.
Poker Stars
It's a $20 No-Limit tournament, per usual.

Open to anyone and everyone who reads or writes a poker blog. There are many random bounties available - you'll need to hit the specific bloggers to discover what you win for knocking them out. Go sign up now with my link, damnit! You'll have fun, trust me. :)

The tournament is password protected. The password is: iggy2004

Again, we are graced with Wil Wheaton and Fast Eddie (Austin Kearns) for this evenings festivities. I'm very psyched to have Wil playing.

Wil > Eddie

Also, we'll prolly have a Yahoo chat room going on the side. Message myself or Al, Chris Halverson or Pauly, or BG, or whomever.

Damn, I can't wait. I don't have PokerStars on my machine here at work so I forget how many players have signed up. I think Maudie told me that our tournament is the most populated private tourney on the Stars board. Woohoo!

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