Friday, October 22, 2004

For anyone looking to slack this afternoon, here is an online poker show that I just watched & enjoyed.

Poker Updates

Here's the press release:


Online TV Show "Poker Updates" Debuts

Las Vegas, NV--Oct.20, 2004-- Double Bellybuster Productions announced
the launch of their new online TV show called "Poker Updates" today.
The show can be viewed at http://www.PokerUpdates.com

"Poker Updates is a magazine style TV show that takes you inside the
world of poker", said the show's producer, Eric Rosenberg. "There is a
lot of poker on television these days, but nothing that takes you inside
the poker lifestyle. Poker Updates does just that."

Director Bob Van Court has been in the television production industry
for 3 decades and has created a masterpiece of high quality television
that will be available to anyone, anywhere, at any time via the
Internet. When asked what attracted him to the project, Van Court said,
“I was very interested in the poker broadcasts I was seeing on all of
the various networks, but no one was doing anything any different than
anyone else. Put that together with the challenges of putting an
Internet show together and I was hooked."

Yesterday, the show announced that upcoming online poker site, Full Tilt
Poker, will be the title sponsor of Poker Updates. "I am very pleased
to associate the show with Full Tilt. They have put together an all
star team and I am sure that we will see instant synergy.", said
Rosenberg. Full Tilt Poker allows anybody to play poker with stars like
Howard Lederer, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Phil Gordon, and more.

The premiere episode of Poker Updates features a look at Howard
Lederer's Poker Fantasy Camp, the controversial WSOP bustout interview
with Annie Duke, Maxim Magazine's Erin Ness, the "rodeo clown of poker"
Penn Gillette, and more.

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