Monday, October 18, 2004

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
George Eliot

It was fascinating to see my colleagues reaction in the Monday morning all-staff meeting to the announcement that I was leaving my job for a career in poker. I've worked at one of the premier national B2B ad agencies for nearly eight years now. That's 56 years in advertising agency years, mind you.

There was much to love about my job. The challenges. The strategy. The people.
But most importantly, the pay. And now that's gone. I have to tell ya, leaving a job like this felt akin to jumping out of a perfectly good plane. But you know what? Sometimes you need to shake the dust off your soul, to do something you've only dreamt about.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

And thus it begins.

I could sit here and blather away about everything involved in this situation but why even bother? The stark reality is that in two weeks, my life will literally be: Guinness and Poker. Hopefully not in that order.

There's never been a more urgent need for Bonus Code IGGY players. :D

Speaking of, you'll likely get more poker bloggy goodness from yours truly. One would think, anyway, but I'm not promising. I've never been a poker pro unemployed before and I'm not quite sure how I'll take to it. Stay tuned.

This is truly crazy stuff. Hell, I might get bored in a month and end up taking another job, who knows? I've discussed this ad naeseum with the wife and a few others and it all comes back to the same thing: I'm open to the Possibilities. I'm now recalling the classic dialogue from the movie Risky Business:

Miles: Joel, you wanna know something? Every now and then say, "What the fuck." "What the fuck" gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.

Who am I to argue with 80's cinema, much less Booger, Curtis Armstrong?

K, enough about me for now. Let's point out some great poker blogging, instead.

My nomination for post of the year, from the fine folks at Up For Poker. Please go read it now, if you haven't. Posts like this are why I write a poker blog, even if it makes me feel like deleting mine. I hope Otis someday writes a book based on this.
Real Life.

Hank just hit a year birthday for his blog. I have no clue how he keeps pumping out the great posts (steroids?) but I'm just happy that he does. Go read:
Year in Review

Geez, I could sit here and point out post after post after post, it's incredible. But for now, I need to let folks know to change their links to Felicia - her site has moved to felicialee.blogspot.com. Plus, she's giving us the straight story on the WPPA, in her inimitable style. For the record, Louis Asmo is from Columbus, Ohio, and I've played in his Ohio Charity Poker Games several times. The site used to be entirely in all caps but it's sadly been toned down:

Here's a thread about WPT versus WPPA (mentioning Fel's blog) in the new Cardplayer forums:
WPPA and Game Show Network

Jason, over at the venerable poker blog, Poker Odyssey, explains The legend of the Exploding Toilet and offers up this photo:

And I simply have to state this for public record. With a 100% record of unblemished heterosexuality, I still must say it. I love Chris Halverson. Thanks for the 2004 WSOP DVD's, my man, I can't thank you enough. Now go read Chris's one year retrospective:
One Year as a Poker Player

Damnit, I have too much to post and not enough time. Maybe I'll do an uber-post tomorrow?

It's crunch time now - the tournament is THIS Thursday.

We have two celebrities playing. Both champions in their respective fields. Wil in blogging and Fast Eddie in online poker.

So sign up ASAP.

Guinnness and Poker Tournament.
October 21st, Thursday, at 9pm EST.
Poker Stars
It's a $20 No-Limit tournament, per usual.

Open to anyone and everyone who reads or writes a poker blog. The table chat alone is priceless. Go sign up now with my link, damnit! You'll have fun, trust me. :)

The tournament is password protected. The password is: iggy2004

I feel bad not getting to the new poker blogs but it's in the que. Along with plenty of other great poker content. Bear with me during this transitional period, please. I have a ton to say, per usual.

For now, enjoy this wonderful picture of Elle. Thanks for reading and wish me luck, damnit.

Link of the Day:
Not Tonight, Honey
The Asexual Visibility and Education Network, a great place to meet new people with absolutely no interest in having sex with you, brings back so many memories of high school.

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