Friday, October 22, 2004

Thanks for the incredible turnout. I'm ready for another one, damnit.

133 entrants paid 18 places, with first paying $800.

Thankfully, the poker bloggers somehow won yet again, as we remain undefeated.
For the record, both Wil & I were knocked out on brutal river beats.
Austin Kearns (Fast Eddie) was surprisingly well-behaved.

Here's the tally, with links to the respective bloggers.

1. MtDewVirus
2. ToddCommish
3. TuckerKatt
4. Johni D.
5. jerge88
6. humbird
7. AustinKearns
8. ricoM
9. The_Venetian
10. malice51
11. misterd2u
12. Joanne1111
13. snoopDougie
14. monk37
15. asphnxma
16. penner42
17. jdmoore99
18. a104I9

I'll have a proper post up later.

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